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Gaming Marketplace Mission

Where do you go to get the gaming help you need?

Looking for a video game marketplace focused on gaming with a broad selection of gaming related items and categories?

That’s StackedGame.coma new online game marketplace dedicated to Gamers, Gaming Coaches, Game Optimizers, Game Streamers & Game Creators

The marketplace aims to be a one-stop-shop focused on:  

  • …making it easy & fast to find gaming help you need
  • …seamlessly connecting buyers and sellers globally
  • …offering super low marketplace fees for digital good & services

Sellers, who are normally skilled and experienced Gamers, are able to sell downloadable items, bookable sessions and custom online services.   Even combinations can be offered – like getting a Game Guide download along with a companion Game Coaching session. So Buyers are able to choose their preferred way to get help they want.

Categories in the Marketplace caters for everything you need to take your gaming to the next level.

  • Game Accounts – sometimes it’s just easier to jump straight into an already stacked game account. From cheap starter accounts through to good value super-stacked accounts – find your ideal stacked account and play.
  • Game Guides & Cheats – can’t find something? Can’t pass a level? Can’t solve something? … Getting frustrated? Why not download an easy-to-reference Game Guide to help you on your way again.
  • In-Game Items – looking for some extra items for your collection – weapons, armor, equipment, accessories, cosmetics, resources etc.? Find the items you want and add them to your account – then style along with your extras.
  • Game Boosting – need some help getting to the next level? Tiered of waiting to get that next rank or badge? Why not reach out to get a boost from a Seller who can move things along for you.
  • Game Coaching – need a video gaming coach or looking to become a video game coach? Find and connect with Game Coaches globally and easily book online Coaching Sessions across time zones to improve your game-play skills.
  • Game Mods & Trainers – find the latest Game Mods & Trainers to customize your favorite game.  Easily filter and sort across a selection of games, platforms and sellers to find cool game tweaks uploaded by sellers and enjoy.
  • Game Sessions – tired of playing alone? Want to find someone with particular skills or experience to play with? Want someone to join your team for a match-up. Search Sellers and easily book gaming sessions across time zones.
  • Game Set-up & Optimization – want to make sure your Game is running at the max. Check out these Game Set-up & Optimization services – covering game, hardware, server, network and bot setups.
  • In-Game Currency – need more loot in your wallet? Check online for Sellers who are willing to help with topping-up your in-game currency and in-game coins.
  • Stream Customization – do you want to grow your streaming audience? Stream Customization covers many of the main elements that can help improve your game streaming service and take it to the next level.
  • Game Art & Graphics – includes all the visual aspects and elements of a game – game logos, game characters, game environments, game maps, game props and much more. So check out the assets in the marketplace to help bring your ideas to life.
  • Game Creation – got a great game idea and need some help with the game creation? Need some assets or services to help bring your game idea to life? Checkout the Game Creation items to help move your project along.

Designed for Gamers

The Gaming Marketplace provides a range of resources for Gamers to improve their gameplay skills, get coaching and sessions, optimize their game set-up and enhance their overall gaming experience. Streamers can also find items to improve their streaming service – with a range of stream graphics and visual design items.  While Game Creatives and Game Creators can share assets across a number of categories to help progress their projects.

The Gaming Marketplace lets users easily buy and sell gaming related downloads, call sessions and online services – all in one place. It’s a great place for buyers and sellers to connect and share experiences and skills. With user friendly marketplace pages that make it easy to search, filter and find the right gaming related items.


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