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What are Game Concepts?

Game concepts are ideas for video games or other interactive media that are used to explore and define the gameplay, setting, and other key elements of the game. They can take many different forms, ranging from rough sketches and notes to more detailed design documents and prototypes. They are used primarily to explore the creative possibilities of a game and to develop the core mechanics and themes that will drive the gameplay.


Game concepts can be created by a single person or by a team of designers, artists, and other professionals. They are typically developed through a process of brainstorming, sketching, prototyping, and iteration. This process can involve creating rough sketches and mock-ups of the game’s levels, characters, and other key elements, as well as testing and refining the gameplay mechanics.


There are many different components that can be included in a game concept, depending on the scope and complexity of the game. These can include the overall setting and storyline of the game, the characters and their motivations, the gameplay mechanics and objectives, the art style and visual aesthetic, and the controls and user interface.


Game concepts are often developed as part of the pre-production phase of game development, and they can be used to pitch the game to publishers or investors. They can also be used to guide the development of the game and to ensure that all of the key elements are coherent and cohesive.


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