Teamfight Tactics Set 7: Dragonlands officially revealed

  • Last Updated : Jun - 21 - 2022

Teamfight Tactics (TFT), the League of Legends auto battler game, will launch its latest set on June 8th 2022: Dragonlands.

Dragonlands lets players build a team of dragons and master magic to try and be the last one standing against seven other players.

It’s the seventh major update to the game and will be on Riot Games’ Public Beta Environment (PBE) beginning on Tuesday May 24th in the early afternoon (Pacific Time) and will be live to all players with Patch 12.11 on June 8th 2022.

There will be a Dragonlands Pass priced at 1,295RP in-game, allowing players to earn rewards such as Little Legend eggs and emotes for playing.

Other changes in TFT Set 7 – Dragonlands – include:

  • The Treasure Dragon replaces Raptors on stage 4-7 and lets you complete your item build through an offering of free items and other loot.
  • The Dragons of the Dragonlands take on a new origin. They count as two units in your army, have a bunch of bonus health, are double the cost of other units in their rarity tier, count for triple their trait bonus, and are super powerful. They include Shyvana, Ao Shin and Aurelion Sol.
  • Augment rerolls can be used once per game. They allow you to thwart Augment options that don’t work with the build you are trying to play, or you can just use yours to look for your favourite Augment
  • The Augment scales across all tiers while making offerings more intuitive and deflating their power level slightly
  • Trait enhancing Augments are turning into decision enhancing Augments as well

Just like our Neon Nights Pass+, the Dragonlands Pass+ has an exclusive Arena at the end! The Dragon Nursery is where whelpings take flight—as long as you can keep that win streak up. The whelpings share in your triumphs as you win, expressing how impressed they are by your skills, but if you lose they won’t like sharing your defeat.

The release of unique and diverse sets like Dragonlands redefine everything from champions, mechanics, strategies and cosmetics.

Riot says each set ‘creates opportunities for players to explore different worlds, build new teams, and find novel ways to conquer the competition’. The Riot team uses each set to improve gameplay through player feedback and lessons learned from each set.

Based on the success of the previous TFT set, Gizmos & Gadgets, the augments mechanic will return with Dragonlands. Augments allow players to unlock bonuses at key points during the game.

Teamfight Tactics alternate game modes Double Up and Hyper Roll will also return to facilitate different play patterns for playing with friends or in a short amount of time.

Teamfight Tactics started as a game mode in League of Legends back in 2019, and has grown into its own unique game with its own esports scene.

Riot says TFT has racked up more than 1.5bn hours played across PC and mobile.

“We see Teamfight Tactics as a key leader pushing the strategy genre forward by broadening the appeal of the space” said Geoff Virtue, executive producer of Teamfight Tactics.

“We have bold bets and big ambitions for Teamfight Tactics and Dragonlands is just the beginning of the new experiences that we look to deliver to global players and people who love strategy games.”

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