Warzone player goes viral after “wholesome” boxing match in final circle

  • Last Updated : Mar - 16 - 2023

It’s not every day you see a boxing match go down in Warzone, but even when it does happen, few have ever resulted with a more wholesome twist than this viral incident did.

Warzone is notorious for being a cutthroat experience. Long gone are the days where new players could come in and luck their way to a win, or a group of friends could goof around and accidentally tally a W.

At least, that’s what the internet thought until this unsuspecting duo totally changed the game.

After making it into the end-game as the last two alive, their final circle showdown had a unique twist that has a huge chunk of the Warzone community rallying around them.

Warzone boxing match goes viral after big twist


Everything kicked off after LordTexugo made it to the final circle with a Riot Shield. Only one either player remained on the map and the pair squared off on flat ground.

The enemy fired a few shots before realizing LT was trying to make peace, and after sealing the deal with a weapon-drop and crouch-spam combo, the two were locked in for a round of fisticuffs.

It was a fiery battle, with both competitors getting knocked down and having to self-revive to get back into the action throughout the fight.

The mystery opponent on the other-side scored a big knock down on Tex and it seemed like the war would be coming to a swift end until the plot twist of the century came along.

Instead of griefing LT, who was now out of plates, the other player dropped two of their own to make the match even once again.

That proved to be a fatal mistake though as Lord Texugo rallied from this benevolent gift and landed the game ending punch with little health to spare.


It might not have been the conventional end to a Warzone match, but it was all the more epic because of that.

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