We finally know when Bastion will return to Overwatch 2

  • Last Updated : Oct - 25 - 2022

Have you seen this robot(opens in new tab)? He’s about 7’3″, approximately 2 tons, and has a friendly bird on his shoulder. After nine days missing from the game without any updates, Overwatch commercial leader Jon Spector announced(opens in new tab) on Twitter that Bastion would finally return to Overwatch 2 on October 25. By that time, he will have been gone for over two weeks. Spector also announced that the Junkertown map has been removed to fix a bug affecting graphical performance, but it’ll be back on the same day as Bastion.

Blizzard made the call to temporarily remove Bastion(opens in new tab) from Overwatch 2 on Monday, October 10 after a bug was discovered that allowed the robo-hero to indefinitely use his mortar strike ultimate ability to devastating effect. Torbjörn was also targeted for bug fixes at the same time, but he remains playable in Quick Play while Blizzard works on him.

Bastion hasn’t been so lucky. What Blizzard initially described as a “quick trip to the workshop” will drag on for 15 days. The newly-reworked hero has not only been unplayable in matches, but all evidence that he’s even in Overwatch 2 has been completely scrubbed from the client. You can’t enter training mode with Bastion, play him against bots, or even look at his cosmetics in the main menu. In fact, he no longer appears in the list of heroes at all, forcing me to question if he ever really existed.

The wait for Bastion’s safe return has gone on long enough that community reactions have begun to graduate from lighthearted memes(opens in new tab) anticipating his homecoming to dour doomposting(opens in new tab) and mild aggravation that Blizzard hasn’t been communicative about the issue. It’s true that nine days is a while to wait for an update, which is also a bit strange considering how vocal Overwatch’s official support channels have been about the game’s other ongoing issues like server interruptions and inventory disparities.

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