Overwatch 2 – Brigitte Hero Guide

  • Last Updated : Feb - 26 - 2023

Overwatch 2 is here, and with it comes a revamped Brigitte, making her more viable than ever. Let’s dive into how to make the most of playing this melee-focused support hero.

Brigitte Basics

Brigitte is a support hero with a tank-like feel. Armed with a melee weapon, she heals by hitting enemies, which also heals herself and nearby allies. She can throw repair packs for long-distance healing, deploy a shield for protection, and charge or bash enemies for damage. Her ultimate, Rally, provides overhealth to herself and allies in range.

Brigitte abilities

Rocket Flail: Melee weapon with extended range.

Repair Pack: Heals an ally for a short duration.

Whip Shot: Launch your flail forward to knock an enemy away from you.

Barrier Shield: Hold to deploy a front-facing shield.

Shield Bash: Dash forward to knock back an enemy. Available when the Barrier Shield is deployed.

Rally ultimate: Move faster and provide extra health to nearby allies.

Inspire passive: Dealing damage to enemies heals nearby allies.

Playing Aggressively with Brigitte

Brigitte shines in aggressive gameplay, especially in Control Point and Push matches. Use her shield to close the distance and constantly attack enemies for maximum healing. Keep in mind that she’s less effective in defensive situations or modes with distance between teams.

Balancing Aggression with Support

Despite her tank-like abilities, Brigitte still has limited health, so find a balance between aggression and self-preservation. Utilize her shield between attacks to mitigate damage and trigger healing with Inspire. Don’t get too aggressive or you’ll risk being taken out quickly by the enemy team.

Timing Your Ultimate

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Brigitte’s Rally ultimate is great for pushing againist the enemy team.

Brigitte’s Rally ultimate provides overhealth and increased speed, making it ideal for initiating fights. Use it before entering a fight to give your team a health advantage and move faster to the objective. Be mindful of its duration to maximize its benefits.

Additional Tips for Brigitte

  • Use Shield Bash to close distance or deal damage.
  • Knock enemies off ledges with Whip Shot.
  • Trigger healing with Whip Shot if enemies are out of reach.
  • Don’t hoard Repair Packs; use them regularly.
  • Preemptively throw Repair Packs before teammates engage in fights.

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