Overwatch 2 – Brigitte Hero Guide

  • Last Updated : Feb - 26 - 2023

Overwatch 2 has finally arrived, bringing all of the original heroes over to the revamped sequel. Changes to gameplay, including the switch to 5v5 with only one tank, means that some heroes have been improved or have become more viable. One of those heroes is Brigitte, who had been nerfed into oblivion in the original Overwatch. Here’s how best to play the melee-focused support hero Brigitte.

Brigitte overview

Brigitte is a support hero with abilities that make her almost feel like a tank. Armed with a melee weapon, Brigitte primarily heals by hitting enemies, which causes her to heal herself and others around her for a limited amount of time. She also can throw repair packs to heal enemies that are far away and she has a shield that can protect her from a limited amount of damage. She can charge with her shield to deal damage and can do a ranged attack with her weapon that knocks enemies back. Her ultimate ability provides overhealth to herself and everyone in the circle around her.

Brigitte abilities

Rocket Flail: Melee weapon with extended range.

Repair Pack: Heals an ally for a short duration.

Whip Shot: Launch your flail forward to knock an enemy away from you.

Barrier Shield: Hold to deploy a front-facing shield.

Shield Bash: Dash forward to knock back an enemy. Available when the Barrier Shield is deployed.

Rally ultimate: Move faster and provide extra health to nearby allies.

Inspire passive: Dealing damage to enemies heals nearby allies.

Brigitte thrives on aggressive play…

Brigitte is best used in situations where you can play aggressively, specifically Control Point and Push matches. Since Brigitte needs to be dealing damage to maximize the amount of healing she is giving her teammates, you need to be in situations where you can constantly be attacking the enemy to provide healing. You need to use her shield to get into these situations and if you are in need of healing, the Whip Shot provides healing if you can land it. Brigitte isn’t great for defense or any mode where there is going to be some distance between you and the other team, since the amount of healing you can do will be limited.

…just remember that you are still a support

Brigitte’s biggest flaw is that she is still a support hero, which means she has a limited amount of health at 200 HP. That means you can pretty quickly get dropped by the enemy team if you get overly aggressive, which makes finding a perfect balance between aggression and self-preservation difficult. To help with this, try and pop up the shield between melee attacks. Since Inspire lasts a few seconds after hitting someone, you can land an attack and then pull up the shield and get a few seconds of healing before dropping the shield to go back in for more.

Pop the ultimate before going in

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Brigitte’s Rally ultimate is great for pushing againist the enemy team.

Brigitte’s ultimate ability Rally lets you and your team move faster while gaining overhealth. There are two reasons you want to use this to enter a fight, not mid-fight. First, Rally overheals your teammates, so your team could enter a fight with a health advantage. If you use it while in the middle of a team fight, you run the risk of getting killed before you can build a nice cushion of overhealth. It also increases movement speed, so you can get to the objective or team fight faster. The increased movement speed isn’t as useful if your team is already there. Another important thing to pay attention to is when the ultimate ability is going to end, as your extra health won’t last long once it ends.

More Brigitte tips

  • While the Shield Bash is meant to deal damage, it can also be used to close the distance between you and the enemy.
  • The Whip Shot knocks enemies back fairly far, so if you see an enemy near a ledge, try and knock them off.
  • The Whip Shot triggers Brigitte’s healing if you hit someone, so use it if the enemy team isn’t close enough for your normal attack.
  • You can hold a maximum of 3 Repair Packs, so make sure you are using them regularly and not sitting on them.
  • The Repair Packs provide healing for a few seconds, so you can throw them preemptively before a teammate goes into a fight.

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