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Community Guidelines

Our mission is to make it super easy for you to get the help you’re looking for to take your game to the next level. Whether your help comes from our online marketplace, uploaded guides and articles, or from members of our online community – we’d like your experience to be fun, enjoyable and supportive.
To help achieve this we ask all of our users abide by these Community Guidelines that work together with our Terms of Service to govern how our users use and interact with the community on the StackedGame platform. We reserve the right to warn or suspend any account at any time for conduct that we believe is in violation of these Guidelines (or our Terms-of-Service).
We’d like all our users to have a great time while visiting and using but if you come across a message, content or a user that appears not to be doing the right thing by everyone else, please report it to the StackedGame team.

1. Be positive – don’t harass

Harassment towards your fellow community members or the StackedGame team will not be tolerated. This includes behavior like threatening, bullying, doxxing, dogpiling, gatekeeping and continued mocking (and other similar negative mojo).

2. Respect each other (and yourself)

Be friendly and supportive. Any form of racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist behavior or any other kind of hate speech, self-harm or discrimination will not be tolerated. Respect makes our community members feel welcome and helps our community grow.

3. No trolling or flaming – keep it on topic

Don’t intentionally disrupt discussion with off-topic comments that try and bait, irritate and cause disruption. Don’t flame other members of the community – it’s not nice and we just don’t need it.

4. Don’t fake it or impersonate

Be genuine – be yourself. Your content should to the best of your knowledge, be true and accurate. Don’t be deceptive, post misinformation or impersonate someone else.

5. Don’t make it personal

Don’t invade members privacy by requesting or posting personal (or identifying) information about anyone or yourself.

6. No sexual or extremely violent content

Don’t post or encourage the posting of sexual, excessively violent or gory content.

7. Don’t spam or overly self-promote

Don’t spam the community – unsolicited advertising is not allowed. 

8. Don’t break the law

Don’t post illegal content, solicit or facilitate anything illegal or prohibited on StackedGame.

9. Don’t break the site

Don’t spoil the fun for others by trying to break the platform or do anything that interferes with the way it works.

10. Observe the rights of others

Don’t post anything that would infringe on another person’s intellectual property rights.

Last Updated: August 2022