Beta Launch Promotion

Lowest Marketplace Fee – Limited Time Only!

Beta Launch Promotion

Lowest Marketplace Fee – Limited Time Only!


Super-Low Marketplace Fee

To celebrate our launch – we are offering a unique opportunity for early signup and marketplace item listing during our current beta release period.

All you need to do is sign-up as a Seller during this promotional period and upload an item that’s approved on the marketplace.  You’ll receive “Platinum” level status – giving you the lowest possible selling fee on the marketplace.

In addition, any marketplace items uploaded during this beta release period, will be uploaded at the promotional selling fee of only 5% + a standard 30c per transaction – essentially just covering the buyers payment processing fees (when you sell).

The marketplace fee only applies and is deducted from Seller’s earnings when their items are sold. So if you don’t sell then there is no marketplace fee – that simple.

Also note that Seller’s Earnings Payment Processor fees are paid by our Sellers and deducted from earnings when payed out. See our per our Terms of Service for more information.

We’re happy to reward our early-signup Sellers but hurry this offer won’t last – so signup and upload your Items today!

Why Sell On is a new marketplace for all things Gaming – with some really cool and unique features:

  • Joining & Listing Items is Free – there no cost to be a Seller and adding your items to the Marketplace is also free.
  • Lowest Marketplace Fees – we aim for the lowest fees when you make a sale – so this means Sellers get more $$$ in their pocket. Seller Earnings % range from an incredible 92% – 95%* – check out the fee table below.
  • Seller get access to all features – from sign-up all Sellers can upload a full range of content types – no tiered access.
  • Dedicated Gaming Marketplace – for Gamers and operated by Gamers.
  • Marketplace with multiple “Delivery Options” – suits how Buyers and Sellers want to interact for Gaming related digital products.
  • Uploading process is super easy – upload a range of Items, Guides, Articles and Events within minutes from your Seller’s Dashboard.
  • Marketplace Items can be promoted with Featured Video, Featured Audio clips and Preview Images – that display on the Marketplace and Item pages.
  • Sellers can promote their own Items – by uploading free Guides & Articles and selecting their own “Related Items” to feature in the post’s sticky sidebar.
  • Sellers can publish Events & Meetups – in the StackedGame Global Events Calendar.
  • StackedGame also has a linked Discord Server – making it easy to interact and engage with your Community.

Seller Levels & Marketplace Fees

  • Lowest Marketplace Fees – super low compared with other comparable digital product marketplaces.
  • Simple Marketplace Fee Structure – % of Sales Value + 30c Transaction Fee.
  • Marketplace Fees are only deducted from Sales – Sellers can also track their Earning in their Seller’s Dashboard.
  • Marketplace Fees covers both the Marketplace and PayPal purchase processing fees – included in the one Marketplace Fee (table below).
  • 4 Seller levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. New Seller’s are approved at Bronze level and are promoted based on their total sales.
Seller Level
Lifetime Total Sales Marketplace Fee
  Bronze   $ 0 8%*
  Silver  $1,000 7%*
  Gold $10,000 6%*
  Platinum $100,000 5%*
  • * Plus 30c Transaction Fee per transaction.
  • * Seller’s earnings payment processor fees are paid by Sellers deducted when paid-out.
  • * No additional Buyers Services Fees. Buyers pay what Sellers price their Item at.

Start Selling on the Platform Today!

Whether you’re a Gamer, Gaming Coach, Game Optimizer, Game Streamer, Game Creative or Game Creator – StackedGame makes it easy to sell your skills and maximize your $$$ earnings.

Sell different types of Marketplace Items to suite your Buyers:

  • Downloads
  • Bookable Sessions
  • Online Services
  • and even combinations of these 3 types…

Upload Guides & Articles and promote your Marketplace items in the “Related Items” sidebar. You can also upload Events & Meetups to help build your profile and community. 

Uploading to the site is super easy from your Seller’s Dashboard. Where you can also check your Sales and $$$ Earnings and do much more.  Earnings are paid monthly into your nominated account as per our Terms of Service.  

Seller Sign-up Steps

To start selling there’s a quick and easy 3-step process:

Step 1 – Complete the Sign-up. You should get a confirmation email shortly after of submitting.

Step 2 – Once your Seller registration is complete – head over to your Seller’s Dashboard and update your Profile. This includes important information like your time-zone, earnings payment details, and more.

Step 3 Upload your Marketplace Items and Start Selling. You can also upload Guides & Articles and Events & Meetups too.

For more information on Seller related features check out the Sellers Help pages. If you need help – just Reach Out or ping us on StackedGame’s Discord Server.

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