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What are Cheats & Tips?

Cheats and tips refer to various methods or techniques that players can use to gain an advantage in video games. Cheats are usually specific codes or shortcuts that can be entered into the game to unlock certain features or abilities, or to skip past difficult sections. Tips, on the other hand, are usually general strategies or advice on how to play the game more effectively.

Types of Cheats

There are many different types of game cheats and tips, and they can be found in a variety of sources, such as online forums, game guides, and cheat websites. Some examples of common game cheats and tips include:

  • Unlimited health: This cheat allows the player to take unlimited damage without dying.
  • Unlimited ammo: This cheat gives the player an infinite supply of ammunition for their weapons.
  • Unlockables: Some games have special features or items that are only available after completing certain tasks or objectives. Cheats can be used to unlock these items without actually completing the required tasks.
  • Shortcuts: Some cheats allow players to skip past certain sections of the game, such as levels or puzzles.
  • Hints and strategies: Tips can include general advice on how to play the game more effectively, such as how to use certain weapons or tactics, or how to complete specific tasks or objectives.

Cheats are a fun way to mix things up and try things that wouldn’t have been possible in the game otherwise. Common phrases today such as ‘godmode’ humbly began as a cheat code several decades ago and to this day cheats are still being implemented by developers staying true to video games roots.



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