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Game boosting is a service that allows players to purchase assistance with a game or level, usually in the form of a skilled player playing on their behalf. This can include playing the game on their behalf or providing advice or guidance during game-play. Game boosting can be used to help players progress faster, gain an edge in a competitive game, or just to save time. In some cases, game boosting is also used to gain access to content or areas of a game that are otherwise inaccessible to the player.

Types of Game Boosting

Types of Game Boosting services include:

  • Rank Boosting – involves having a skilled player help reach a higher rank or level in a game.
  • Win Boosting – involves having a skilled player help you win games, matches or beat elements within a game.
  • Power Boosting (or Power Leveling) involves having a player play a game or elements of a game for you to achieve specific objectives.

Why Buy Game Boosting

Buying game boosting services can be good for players who want to save time in progressing through a game. It can also be useful for players who are trying to access specific game content. Additionally, game boosting services can help progress more efficiently in a game, provide an advantage in competitive games, and give players a more personalized gaming experience. Ultimately it should be about making your gaming experience more enjoyable.

How to Buy Game Boosting

Buying a Game Boosting service on is easy. 

1. Browse the Marketplace – search and filter to find your Game Boosting Item.

2. Add-to-Cart – add the Game Boosting Item to your Cart.

3. Checkout – go through the Checkout (remember to sign-up to get access to your Customer Dashboard) – after checkout you’ll land on the Purchase Confirmation page.

4. Purchase Confirmation – click on the Go-To Service Orders (bottom of the page) that will go to the My Services: Service Orders page. Now click on View Service Order to go to your Service Order page.

5. Progress Service Order – this page provides a dedicated channel between Buyer and Seller to interact to complete the service delivery.  After the Service Order is placed the Seller is notified of the purchase and will message the Buyer to progress the order as described on their Item page.

5. Buyer Confirms Delivery – once the Buyer receives the item and confirms it matches the description on the Item page, they Confirm Delivery by going to their Customer Dashboard> My Services> Service Order page.

6. Seller Receives Payment – when the Buyer Confirms Delivery the order is marked as delivered and the Seller’s earnings are updated.

7. Review Delivery – the final step is to provide a quick Rating Review of your service experience.

When do I get my Game Boosting

Game Boosting is delivered with a Service Order. When the order is placed the Delivery Time described on the Item page is used to calculate the Order Delivery Date and Time.  This Order Delivery Date and Time is used by the Seller as the target date to complete the order delivery.  The Seller’s average On Time Delivery is shown on the Item page – providing a summary of their delivery performance. 

How do I get my Game Boosting

Buying a Game Boosting Item creates a Service Order.  Buyers get access to the Service Order immediately after completing checkout (step 4 above).  The steps involved to deliver the service are described on the Item page together with its delivery time. Once the Seller delivers the service, the Buyer Confirms Delivery and adds a Service Rating to complete the order.

What happens if I don’t receive the Game Boosting

If you don’t receive the Game Boosting service by the Delivery Due Date on the Service Order and cannot agree a reschedule date with the Seller – then Buyers can log a refund request on the Support page that will be processed by our Support Team.

Important Notes:

  • If you don’t receive the Boosting Service then do not mark the Service Order as “Delivery Confirmed”. Sellers do not receive payment for orders unless delivery has been confirmed by the Buyer. 
  • We encourage Buyers and Sellers to resolve any delivery issues between themselves, however, where issues can’t be resolved then a support ticket can should be logged on the support page, and our Support Team will investigate and work with both parties to determine the best outcome.  See our Terms-of-Service for more information.

How to Sell Game Boosting

Selling Game Boosting on is easy. 

First, you’ll need to register as a Seller by completing the Seller Signup. After sign-up you’ll have access to your Seller’s Dashboard where you’ll be able to upload and manage all your Marketplace Items – and much more. For more information on the dashboard, how selling works, and other great selling features – visit the Seller Help pages that also includes a range of helpful video clips.


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