Air Horn Bug Has Sadly Been Patched Out Of Spider-Man: Miles Morales


For the past week or so, some folks playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales on the PC have been encountering a bug that, at the end of the game’s dialogue sequences, would just go ahead and play a honking loud air horn.

It wasn’t for everyone, and as PC GamesN reports, some players—presumably those who have spent any time in New York City—didn’t even realise it was a bug in the first place. But for others it was recognisable as a bug, and it was wonderful.

An emotional revelation from a family member? HONK. A heartfelt thanks for risking your life? HONK. A sombre reflection on the nature of heroism, and the sacrifices inherent? HOOOOOOOOONK.

Here’s one example, set to autoplay at the relevant moment:

And here’s a second that is much funnier if you sit through the whole thing first:

Sadly, the bug has now been removed. The game’s latest patch notes, released late last week, lead with:

Hey everyone,

A new patch for Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is now live. This update holds dozens of fixes and improvements. We addressed a bug that resulted in unintended air horn sounds being audible for some players and fixed a bug that caused some audio effects to be absent from specific cutscenes.

Audio missing from cutscenes would indeed suck. I’m glad they fixed that one. But extra audio, like, say, an air horn sounding at inopportune times, does not suck. It is very good, and funny. Since one of the other things addressed in the update was the creation of an option to “skip Fast Travel animations,” could we please also get “leave the very funny air horn” as a box to tick as well? Thank you!

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