Halo Infinite Beginner’s Tips: 14 Things That’ll Make You A Better Spartan

  • Last Updated : Dec - 27 - 2022

Enroll In The Academy


Thinking about diving into multiplayer? Hold your horses! Before you start blasting away in Halo Infinite, take a moment to check out the “Academy” option on the main menu. It’s not just any tutorial; it’s your ticket to mastering the game’s mechanics. Even if you’re a seasoned Halo player, you might pick up a few tricks about the new gear and mechanics.

Practice Makes Perfect: Weapon Drills

Forget trial by fire. Head straight to the “Weapon Drills” section in the Academy. Here, you can test out every single weapon in the game, old and new. It’s like target practice on steroids. Getting familiar with each gun’s quirks and abilities will seriously level up your gameplay. Trust me, it’s a game-changer!

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Weapon Racks


Sure, you start with the basics, but there’s a whole arsenal waiting to be discovered. Look for weapon racks scattered around the map—they’re like your personal armory. Just grab a gun off the rack and get back to business. Keep in mind, though, these babies take a little time to respawn. So, choose wisely!

Grenades Galore

Grenades are your best friends in Halo Infinite. With four types at your disposal, there’s one for every occasion. Need to clear a room? Frag grenades are your go-to. Facing off against vehicles? Plasma grenades are your secret weapon. Experiment with each type and find what works best for you.

Gear Up with Equipment


Guns and grenades aren’t the only tools in your arsenal. Keep an eye out for deployable equipment scattered across the battlefield. From grappling hooks to deployable cover, each piece has its own unique use. Experiment with them all and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Scan Your Surroundings

Don’t forget about your AI scanner—it’s your best friend when it comes to reconnaissance. Give it a whirl and scope out weapon racks, empty vehicles, and more. It won’t reveal enemy positions, but it’ll give you the lay of the land.

Communication is Key: Use Ping

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Use the ping system to communicate with your squad without saying a word. Whether you’re marking enemy positions or highlighting loot, a little intel goes a long way.

Master the Art of Vehicle Warfare


Vehicles are game-changers in Halo Infinite. Don’t let them go to waste! Whether you’re mowing down enemies or zipping across the map, vehicles give you a serious edge. Just remember—not all teammates appreciate a joyride, so watch where you’re driving!

Keep an Eye Out for Drops

When the heavens open up, good things come falling down. Keep an ear out for announcements about orbital weapon drops and vehicle deployments. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on the goodies inside those drop pods.

Zap Those Vehicles


Facing off against a pesky vehicle? Bring out the big guns—literally. Electricity-based weapons like the Disruptor pistol and Shock Rifle are your best bet for taking down enemy vehicles in a flash.

Grapple Everything

The Grappleshot is your new best friend. Use it to reach high vantage points, snag weapons from a distance, or even yank enemies towards you for a surprise attack. Get creative!

Stay Stealthy

In Halo Infinite, silence is golden. Keep a low profile by minimizing your movement and avoiding unnecessary gunfire. And if you’re carrying an objective, watch out—you’re a prime target.

Zone Control


In Total Control matches, playing defense can be just as important as offense. Don’t panic when the enemy team starts to gain ground. Focus on capturing and holding zones to prevent them from scoring.

Stockpile Strategies


Stockpile matches require some strategic thinking. Instead of carrying power seeds all the way to your base, consider passing them off to teammates or using vehicles for a speedy delivery.

Tune Out the Noise

Sick of hearing your teammates’ chatter? Mute individual players or adjust your settings to block out voice and text chat entirely. Trust me, it’ll save you from a headache.

There you have it—your crash course in dominating Halo Infinite multiplayer. Now, suit up and get out there, Spartan!

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