Overwatch 2 Wants to Bring Back a Popular Hero’s Removed Ability

Overwatch Hero orisa ability

The Overwatch 2 development team is considering bringing back Orisa’s Halt ability in some form in the future. Although it may not return to Orisa’s kit directly, the team unanimously liked the ability and would like to experiment with re-implementing it.

Halt! was Orisa’s old alternate fire ability in Overwatch 1, which launched a graviton charge to pull enemies towards the center and slow them upon detonation. Lead hero designer Alec Dawson mentioned during the Overwatch 2 Creator Summit that the team appreciates Halt! and would love to explore bringing it back. While there are no concrete plans for it at the moment, players might see it return in some capacity in the future.

Fan reception to the possibility of Halt!’s return has been positive, with many expressing nostalgia for Orisa’s old kit. However, Orisa’s Overwatch 2 rework aimed to make her a more engaging frontline hero, so it’s unlikely that Halt! will be reintegrated into her abilities directly

Overwatch ability

Players have also expressed interest in seeing other old abilities return to Overwatch 2, such as Doomfist’s Rising Uppercut, Symmetra’s Photon Barrier and Photon Shield, and McCree’s Flashbang. While some adjustments and buffs are planned for certain heroes, the Overwatch 2 team is satisfied with the current health and projectile changes but will continue to tweak numbers accordingly based on feedback.

Overall, the Overwatch 2 Creator Summit has revealed exciting updates for the game, and fans can expect more information in the future as the event unfolds.

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