Palworld Player With 140 Hours Shows Off Jaw-Dropping Base

Palworld 140 hour player

The player base of Palworld has been enthralled by the possibilities of base-building, a crucial element in the game where players spend significant time enhancing their homes and crafting essentials. While many focus on utility, some delve deep into the game’s mechanics to create remarkable structures, exemplified by a player known as Rumakian.

Palworld Player’s Amazing Base After 140 Hours

After investing over 140 hours into Palworld, Rumakian unveiled an awe-inspiring fortress nestled atop a river in the game’s main starting area. The fortress boasts imposing stone walls, a Pal Breeding Farm, factories, and expansive plantations. However, its centerpiece is a grand stone building crowned with three towering spires.

140 Hrs Of Palworld. Base 90% Complete.
byu/Rumakian inPalworld

What’s intriguing is Rumakian’s inclusion of 40 beds, surpassing the typical cap of 15 to 20 Pals per base in regular servers. This feat was achieved through a mod permitting 40 Pals per base, enhancing productivity but necessitating more resting space for the bustling workforce.

PW Lamb

Rumakian’s fortress is just one among many impressive bases crafted by Palworld players. Another example features a base surrounding the Anubis statue on Mount Obsidian, offering a cozy ambiance amidst complex stone structures. Similarly, a player constructed a base atop a tower near the Astral Mountains, strategically immune to raids and boasting valuable loot chests.

These examples underscore the ingenuity and dedication Palworld players invest in base-building, showcasing the diverse approaches players take to shape their virtual worlds. As the game’s community continues to innovate and explore, we anticipate witnessing even more breathtaking creations in the evolving landscape of Palworld.

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