Twitch Might Be Getting More Expensive

  • Last Updated : Feb - 21 - 2024
Twitch Phone

Starting March 28, Twitch is increasing subscription prices in select countries to help streamer revenue keep up with rising costs and inflation. While the US may also see a price hike soon, Twitch’s updated Partner Plus program aims to benefit Partners and Affiliates by offering a 70/30 revenue split instead of the previous 50/50 split.

The price increase affects Tier 1 subscriptions in Australia, Canada, and the UK, with prices rising by $1 in Australia and Canada and £1 in the UK. Additionally, Turkey will see significant price increases across all three subscription tiers, with prices jumping by roughly 400%.

The reaction to Twitch’s price hike on social media has been mostly negative, with many users expressing frustration and seeking clarification from the company. Despite positive updates to the Partner Plus program, some users remain upset, possibly exacerbated by recent layoffs at Twitch.


As Twitch faces financial challenges and increasing competition from rival platforms, such as Kick and YouTube, it’s employing measures like price increases to retain top streamers and ensure financial stability. However, ongoing community frustration and competition may pose challenges to Twitch’s long-term success.

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