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What is a Game Character?

A game character (also known as a playable character or PC) is a fictional character in a video game or tabletop role-playing game whose actions are controlled by a player rather than the rules of the game. The characters that are not controlled by a player are called non-player characters (NPCs).

What Types and Classes of Video Game Characters are there?

Something which has caught the minds and hearts of players is Role-Playing Games. Every individual has their own unique personality, and with video games, players can choose a character to match their particular traits. Some of the standard RPG classes are:

  • Fighter / Soldier / Warrior – These are usually the most powerful character classes in video games. Well established in attacks and combat, these power characters have the strongest set of assets to support them. For example, they have the best weapons and armor, high health score, attack, and defense. This characters’ class is usually chosen by gamers who prefer hack and slash-style gameplay. Two subclasses of warriors are the Paladins or Knights, who are usually the right side of the game.
  • Assassin / Ninja – This character class has a more subtle approach, unlike warrior’s brute force. They use specific skills, such as stealing, to complete missions. Their abilities revolve around smaller and faster weapons. Assassin / Ninja characters slip easily and have no problem finding places to hide. Players who choose this character class prefer a more cautious but chaotic gameplay style at the same time.
  • Mage / Wizard – These characters do not usually have traditional weapons but use spells to fight or defend themselves from attacks. They usually have the weakest armor because their strong point is fighting from a distance by throwing spells. Wizards can cast both attack and defense spells and regeneration. Mage subclasses are also the Clerics / Priests / Enchanters, Necromancers / Shadow knights, Summoners, and Blue Mage / Jack-of-all-Trades.
  • Archer / Hunter / Ranger – These characters most often use a bow and arrow as weapons. Players can use this beneficial trait in both long-distance combat, as well as close combat in which it can cause serious damage.
  • Berserker – This character class is represented by some monsters that use devastating blows which are designed to proceed quickly and do catastrophic damage to other players.
  • Cleric / Priest / Enchanter – Subclass of the Mage, they help a lot in the diversity of the characters in the game. Most specialize in buffing, de-buffing, cleansing, and crowd control.
  • Necromancer / Shadowknight – These characters in games and spread diseases such as plague and supplement the burst damage in the team.
  • Summoner – Also a subclass of Magiclor, these characters can do multiple damages simultaneously. They are used both for attack and for defense.
  • Dancer / Bard – These characters are usually used strategically. Through specific dances or instruments, they have the role of stopping enemies’ attacks or making a hole in their defense.
  • Dragoon / Lancer – This class of forceful characters specializes in pole-type arms and is associated with fighting dragons, hence the name.
  • Blue Mage / Jack-of-all-Trades – These characters can learn enemies’ abilities and bring damage more serious than average.


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