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Instead of struggling for hours – you can get a Game Guide for a quick, easy summary to provide the essential keys to success.

Need a quick introduction to a game and its gameplay? Or need some help with an aspect of a game, clearing a level or beating the boss – then a Game Guide, Tips, Cheats and Maps may be exactly what you need.

Types of Game Guides & Cheats

  • Game Guides are resources that provide easy-to-reference guidance for a game (or parts of a game) and its gameplay. Guides range from high-level game introductions to more detailed how-to guides that help with clearing puzzles, stages, levels, etc. They come in many different formats – articles, pdfs, audio and video – with the video clip format becoming increasingly dominant.
  • Game Walkthroughs are a type of Game Guide created to “walk-through” a particular challenge. Walkthroughs aim at helping players complete a game or elements within a game. The viewer (most walkthroughs are recorded as video clips) watches and learns from the video clip and emulates the game-play to succeed.
  • Game Cheats are inputs that change the standard behavior of a game – normally to the advantage of the person adding the cheat.  Cheats take many different forms – including, inputting specific keyboard/controller keystrokes, adding cheat codes, holding down buttons together with certain events, completing actions in a specific order, using certain user names and much more.
  • Game Tips & Tricks are helpful snippets of gaming advice and suggestions that are not common knowledge. Gaming tips can cover a wide range of topics, from game set-up, game tactics, to how to assemble a pro-gaming team. Tips can save time – helping you learn from others gamers experience. 
  • Game Maps & Chart are graphic representations that show the layout of game environments relevant to a particular game objective, like clearing a level or stage.

Why Buy Game Guides & Cheats

Game Guides can be a useful for players who want to improve their skills, progress through a game quickly, or gain access to content or areas of a game that are otherwise inaccessible to them. Video Game guides provide step-by-step instructions and tips on how to accomplish a specific task or goal in a game. Additionally, game guides can provide information on in-game strategies, secrets, and other useful tips that can help players get the most out of their gaming experience. Finally, video game guides can help players save time by providing an easy-to-follow road map for completing a game.

Game Guides can be general – summarizing broad aspects of the game. Or they can be focused – aiming at helping with specific aspects of the game and its gameplay. Whether general or focused the purpose is the same – to quickly give you the competitive edge and help get you to the next level.

Game Guides can also be combined with other inputs like Game Cheats, Tips and Maps to help clear most obstacles. But with great power comes great responsibility – make sure you use them well – so they enhance your gaming experience.

How to Buy Game Guides & Cheats

Buying a Game Guides & Cheats on is easy. 

1. Browse the Marketplace – search and filter to find your Game Guide, Tip, Cheat or Map Item.

2. Add-to-Cart – add the Item/s to your Cart.

3. Checkout – go through the Checkout (remember to sign-up to get access to your Customer Dashboard) – after checkout you’ll land on the Purchase Confirmation page.

4. Download the Item – Game Guides & Cheats are available for download after Checkout from the Purchase Confirmation page or Order Details email – as an “Instant Download” item.

5. Review Download – the final step is to provide a quick Rating Review based on your purchase experience.

When do I get my Game Guides & Cheats

Game Guides & Cheats can be downloaded immediately after checkout by clicking on the download link after checkout. So you get access to the online video game guides with no waiting or delay. 

How to Sell Game Guides & Cheats

Selling Online Video Game Guides and Cheats on is easy. 

First, you’ll need to register as a Seller by completing the Seller Signup. After sign-up you’ll have access to your Seller’s Dashboard where you’ll be able to upload and manage all your Marketplace Items – and much more. For more information on the dashboard, how selling works, and other great selling features – visit the Seller Help pages that also includes a range of helpful video clips.


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