How to start GTA Online Taxi Work


GTA Online Taxi Work provides both a fun side activity to be distracted by, and a small but steady source of income if you want to take a break from your criminal enterprises and earn some cash by doing an honest day job. After using their services for so long, you can now work for the Downtown Cab Co. as a driver, then start shipping passengers all over Los Santos and Blaine County. This is, of course, a familiar concept in the series as taxi driving side missions have been available for over 20 years since the arrival of GTA 3, though this has finally been brought up to date in GTA Online with a few tweaks. You no longer need to worry about dealing with multiple customers or beating a time limit to keep going, so if you’re ready to begin a fresh career then here’s how to start Taxi Work in GTA Online.


Where to start GTA Online Taxi Work

When GTA Online Taxi Work becomes available for you (which should be immediately), you’ll receive a text message from the Downtown Cab Co. confirming this, and a map marker for their office will appear south of the Diamond Resort and Casino.

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Head to this location, then walk past the big arm wrestling marker under the awning and head up the stairs, interacting with the doors at the top to start GTA Online Taxi Work. You’ll collect your cabbie licence and spawn outside in a Vapid Taxi, where your first customer will then appear as a blue character on the map. If you own a personal Vapid Taxi, which can now be purchased as one of the GTA Online new cars, you can simply click the right stick while driving it to initiate Taxi Work without having to visit the Downtown Cab Co. to collect a vehicle.

How to complete fares in GTA Online Taxi Work

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This iteration of GTA Online Taxi Work is somewhat different to those that have come before, in that you only have access to one customer per trip and there’s no time limit to complete the fare. Make your way to the flashing blue character on the map to find your customer, then click the left stick to beep your horn so they get in, before following the route to their destination.

Their tip is much greater than the base fare, but it gradually reduces over time and if you crash into things, so you’ll make the most profit if you drive quickly and safely to the drop off point. That being said, you don’t lose much money for each fender-bender, so don’t stress too much about the occasional bumps here and there. You can continue Taxi Work until you either hold the button to exit the vehicle, destroy the cab, or get a wanted level.


GTA Online Taxi Work Rewards

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The main GTA Online Taxi Work rewards are of course the fares and tips you collect, and although they start at around $1,000 a trip and increase with each consecutive customer you deliver to a maximum of 10 in a row, you’re never going to make a huge amount of cash from this side hustle. However, the first time you complete 10 fares in a row, you’ll unlock the trade price for the Vapid Taxi at Warstock Cache & Carry, reducing it by 25% from $650,000 to $487,500.

There are also further rewards to earn, as by completing 50 taxi fares in total will unlock the Downtown Cab Company livery for the Classique Broadway, while completing 10 stunt jumps during Taxi Work will award the Downtown Cab Company livery for the Willard Eudora, both pictured above. Initially these finishes were purely cosmetic, but following the June 2023 Experience Improvements announced by Rockstar those vehicles can now be used for Taxi Work if the appropriate livery is applied.

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