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What are Game Backgrounds?

Game backgrounds are the visual environments in which the action of a video game takes place. They can range from simple, static images to highly detailed, animated environments that change over time. These backgrounds are usually created by artists using specialized software and are designed to provide a visual context for the game’s characters and objects, as well as to create a particular atmosphere or mood. In many games, the background is an essential element of the game’s aesthetics and can help to set the stage for the gameplay.

Game Background Styles

A game can look very different depending on the graphics of the background. Therefore, if you want to create a high quality game, you need to put a lot of effort into creating the backgrounds.

The game background design is often part of Game Environment Design. However, for simpler games, especially 2D ones, the game background can make up the entire game environment.

Environments are the most common type of background in games. However, In some games non-environmental elements such as particles, patterns, gradients, flat color, or lightning act as the game’s background.

Types of Backgrounds:

  • Solid Backgrounds – A solid background is a background consisting only of a solid color . This is by far the simplest of all backgrounds, and requires very little code to pull off. Not surprisingly, solid backgrounds are also the dullest of all backgrounds, and aren’t used very often in games.
  • Image BackgroundsImage backgrounds are a step beyond solid backgrounds in that they use a bitmap image to represent the backdrop for a game, as opposed to a solid color. The primary work involved in using an image background is creating the image itself; from a programming perspective, the Bitmap class in the game engine already handles most of the details of using an image background.
  • Animated Backgrounds – An animated background is a background that somehow changes its appearance over time, which is similar in some ways to an animated sprite. However, an animated background doesn’t necessarily have to involve a series of frame images. It’s entirely possible to create an animated background whose animation is derived from custom code. The key to making an animated background work is providing some kind of mechanism for updating and drawing the background.
  • Scrolling Backgrounds – The final type of background is the scrolling background , which involves an image or set of graphical objects that are capable of being shifted, or scrolled around on the screen. The best way to understand a scrolling background is to picture a background that is much larger than the game screen, which means that the game screen provides a view onto part of the background.

 Graphics are a major factor in the visual appearance of a game. there are two types of games: 2d games and 3d games. the design of each will vary greatly, and the game backgrounds will change accordingly.


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