Final Fantasy 16 devs hope to deliver something for those wanting DLC


Final Fantasy 16 leads understand lots of players want DLC, and they’re open to the possibility.


Earlier this year, long before Final Fantasy 16 launched, its dev team originally shot down the possibility of DLC, saying they wanted to create the game with one complete and finished story. Now, producer Naoki Yoshida has reiterated those original views in a new interview, but also offered hopeful players a lifeline.

“We now understand we’re getting feedback from players that have played the game, and lots of players want to see more, and we know that and understand that,” Yoshida says in the interview with GamerBraves below. “For us, we’re taking that and then thinking about our options moving forward, so hopefully, in the near future, we can have something that we give to you all,” the producer concludes.

Yoshida is keenly aware of the online conversations many Final Fantasy 16 players have been having about possible DLC over the past few weeks. Players have near-unanimously asking for new story DLC from Square Enix, exploring the story behind Leviathan, referred to as the ‘lost Eikon’ throughout the latter portions of the new game.

Final Fantasy 16’s dev team originally shot down DLC just two months ago in May. If Square Enix is only now reassessing their options with DLC, it means any new content is a long time away, if the development team at Square Enix even decides to do any DLC at all, that is. Yoshida is only hopeful Square can deliver something, but that’s all the encouragement players around the world will need.


Final Fantasy 16 is getting a musical adaptation however, if you fancy heading off to Japan in 2024 to see it in person.

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