Diablo 4 players are creating Barbarian builds that do too much crit damage for this headline to handle


A Diablo 4 Barbarian has achieved a damage output so astronomical that it defies Logic. The staggering total damage reached an incomprehensible 35 undecillion – that’s 35 followed by 36 zeroes. It’s a figure so mind-bogglingly high that the term “undecillion” is not commonly heard, let alone pronounced.

This astonishing feat was accomplished by a player named Rob2628 on YouTube, who meticulously crafted what he calls the “Rend Bleed Barbarian” build. The build relies on three crucial Aspects: the Skullbreaker’s Aspect, the Aspect of Berserker Ripping, and the Aspect of Anemia, all enhanced by Concussion passive damage for stunning effects.

Rob2628 readily admits that his Barbarian build in Diablo 4 is immensely overpowered and likely to draw the attention of Blizzard for future patches. He even points out that the Aspect of Berserker Ripping was previously disabled due to its broken nature, only to be re-enabled with what was thought to be a fix – a fix that clearly did not address the issue.

This unprecedented undecillion damage figure makes the previous record of two billion damage seem trivial by comparison. While the previous record was achieved through legitimate means, Rob2628’s Barbarian build pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in Diablo 4, exploiting the game’s mechanics in an unprecedented manner.

With Diablo 4 Season 1 set to launch on July 20, it’s almost certain that Blizzard will address these issues promptly, ensuring a fair and balanced experience for all players.

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