Fortnite Removed Building…Kinda

  • Last Updated : Jun - 20 - 2022

What Made Fortnite Special

Fortnite Battle Royale was released on the 26th of September 2017 and since then has been known for its unique and special building mechanics. Allowing players to mine almost everything on the map for resources and battle it out by building their own it was in a league of its own in terms of originality when compared to other battle royales such as PUBG, DayZ etc.

What Actually Happened

As of March 29th, a new game mode was released “ZERO BUILD”. This as the name implies removed the building function from all matches and introduced the overshield feature that increased player health.

The Fortnite community was shocked as building an integral and key feature that allowed for the games rise to fame and unique gameplay was now not an option. This drastic change was welcomed from new and old players looking to avoid the competitive or “sweaty” side of Fortnite.

The player base spiked and saw great increases in users globally as many were interested in this new no build version of Fortnite. ZERO BUILD brought about many streamers back to the game. Twitch even hosted a nearly 100 streamer Zero Build Twitch Rivals tournament, with so many streamers back on the game this caused the rise in popularity and put it back on trending and highest viewed lists like it was back in 2019.

Fortnite building returned with separate game modes allowing for players to pick and choose which style of play they preferred. Epic has not announced how long ZERO BUILD will stay but due to the rise in popularity it will probably be around for the foreseeable future.

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