• Last Updated : Jun - 20 - 2022

Another month ago, a new league of legends champion has been rumored to be leaked. The actual time, its apparently a melee ADC called Nilah.

Various YouTubers and Twitter accounts reported that this new water-themed champion will arrive soon, possibly in patch 12.13 or 12.14 with the upcoming Star Guardian event later in June.

Known leaker Big Bad Bear said in their YouTube video that her name is Nilah and her launch skin is Star Guardian Nilah. I had a hard time looking and found out that Nilah is an Arabic name corresponding to the waterhyacinth flower and Nila is an Indian anomalog or a red color. Even for her appearance, her face is still uncertain what she’ll look like.

And the r/Nilah and r/Nilahmain subreddits have been created by PixelButts, the person who made r/Belvethmains in advance. PixelButts explained the situation in this thread: “It is very easy to ask for something to say.”

I want to make sense of these leaks for League. Just read belowWhy in December 2021 a flurry of large leaks allegedly took place a Riot that detailed everything for the entire year of 2022 for all the projects (not just league)1/?

PixelButts (@PixelButts) June 6: 2022, 2022.

The actual winner is a little unimportant yet, if Nilah will be a melee ADC (recovery carry) so that her frightened first champion becomes a unique new champion in the rift.

In League of Legends there are few champions that normally match the melee arena roles. One can try Yasuo, but it isn’t one common pick, with some players going for ranged ADC marksmen in the bot lane. Nilah was compared with Yasuo for his supposed playstyle.

The report comes after Riot released its latest champion roadmap in April 2022.

Riot revealed his desire for the next champion, calling for a colourful but deadly stranger from a land across the sea to runeterra, a land of 1,000 colours.

A champions team welcomes you to join us in the Oyster Bills! Grab one of the best oysters in Runeterra, and listen to one of the beautiful ancestor tales of the ancient oyster bill.

Oyster Bill claims that some Noxians are getting rowdy and that of them accidentally knocked over the stranger’s oysters. When the colourful man stood at the table, she laughed a more joyous laugh. The Noxian looked confused at first; and then, thinking that the stranger was grabbing her cheeks, got in their face. The rest of his war band waited to join her and seized their weapons when mist filled the restaurant.

Oyster Bill said only he heard was joyful laughter and a sound of water yawning. After the war spread out, ten of the heavily armed and armored Noxians died, and the stranger didn’t get anywhere to see them.

The champion’s roadmap also touched on the update of Udyr, Aurelion Sol and Skarner, as well as an interesting talk about the Pride of Nazumah, a new high-result lane tank from Shurima that hasn’t yet been seen.

As of now, the most recent champion to join League of Legends is the wild jungler BelVeth.

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