• Last Updated : Jun - 20 - 2022
Nilah Champion

The rumors surrounding the leaked League of Legends champion named Nilah have sparked a lot of interest and speculation within the community. Here’s a breakdown of what we know so far:

1. **Rumored Details**: According to various YouTubers and Twitter accounts, Nilah is rumored to be a water-themed melee ADC (Attack Damage Carry). It’s speculated that she will arrive in either patch 12.13 or 12.14, possibly coinciding with the upcoming Star Guardian event in June. The leaker Big Bad Bear mentioned in a YouTube video that Nilah’s launch skin could be Star Guardian Nilah.

2. **Name and Appearance**: Nilah’s name is said to correspond to the waterhyacinth flower in Arabic or the color red in Indian. However, details about her appearance, including her face, remain uncertain.

3. **Subreddit Creation**: Subreddits r/Nilah and r/Nilahmain have been created by PixelButts, the same person who created the r/Belvethmains subreddit in advance. PixelButts explained the situation, indicating that it’s easy to ask for something to say.

4. **Comparison to Yasuo**: Nilah is rumored to have a playstyle similar to Yasuo, making her a unique addition to the Rift as a melee ADC. In a game where ranged ADC marksmen dominate the bot lane, Nilah’s potential arrival could shake up the meta.

5. **Champion Roadmap**: Riot’s champion roadmap in April 2022 hinted at the arrival of a colorful but deadly stranger from a land across the sea to Runeterra. This stranger is speculated to be Nilah, fitting the description provided by Riot.

6. **Recent Champion Releases**: The most recent champion to join League of Legends is the wild jungler BelVeth.

Overall, while the leaks and rumors surrounding Nilah provide intriguing insights into a potential new champion, it’s essential to take them with a grain of salt until Riot officially confirms her existence and details. Nonetheless, the anticipation among players for a new melee ADC champion remains high, especially with the potential to introduce unique gameplay dynamics to the game.

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