Starfield’s Main Quest Will Be Much Larger Than Fallout 4 and Skyrim’s

  • Last Updated : Aug - 19 - 2022

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While Bethesda’s single-player RPGs are often praised for a multitude of things, such as immersive worlds, compelling characters, and engaging gameplay, the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises are often also well known for the stories that they take the player on throughout their run. While the open-world nature of games like Skyrim can have players avoiding the main quest for as long as possible, it is clear that Bethesda puts a lot of time and effort into crafting a rich main story for the player to sink their teeth into. It seems that the company’s latest project, Starfield, will be no different.

It is no secret that Starfield is an ambitious project. In the first gameplay footage of the new space-faring RPG shown at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, Starfield displayed its expansive play space, with over 1,000 planets available for players to explore. It seems that alongside a wealth of areas for players to get lost in, Starfield will also have an expansive main quest to try and keep gamers on some kind of set path.

According to a recent IGN interview with Bethesda Director Todd Howard, Starfield’s galaxy isn’t the only thing about the game that is expansive. The main quest of Starfield will reportedly be around 20 percent longer than the Wanderer’s journey to find their son in Fallout 4 and the Dragonborn’s mission to take down Alduin in Skyrim. This means that if players just go for the main objectives in Starfield, completely ignoring the rest of the game, they will still have to spend around 30-40 hours to finish the story.

Most of the plot points around Starfield’s main quest are unknown, as the 15 minutes of gameplay shown at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase was really more of a glimpse than a full reveal. However, fans online have made some guesses about the direction of the main campaign, and many think that Starfield’s factions will play a role, somewhat similarly to those in Fallout 4.

Todd Howard didn’t just speak about Starfield’s main story in his recent interview. There were plenty of other important details revealed about Starfield and other Bethesda projects. It was revealed that Starfield will have four major cities, including the largest settlement in any Bethesda title, New Atlantis. Moving on from Starfield, Todd Howard also stated that Fallout 5 is confirmed to come out at some point, but fans shouldn’t get too hyped for any news on that game as Howard shared it would be coming out after The Elder Scrolls 6.

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