How to play Dota 2 a beginners guide

  • Last Updated : Jul - 14 - 2022

What’s Dota 2 All About?

Dota 2 is an online multiplayer game where you team up with four buddies to choose from a bunch of cool heroes. Your goal? Crush the enemy team’s Ancient – that glowy building in their base. But watch out! They’re aiming to smash yours too. It’s like a strategic tug-of-war where you’re constantly growing stronger while trying to stop the other team from snowballing to victory.


Navigating the Dota 2 Map

The Dota 2 map is divided into two sides, Radiant and Dire. Radiant is on the left, and it’s a verdant, idyllic paradise. Over the river that runs diagonally from top left to bottom right, you’ll find the Dire lands on the right side of the map, all covered in bugs and stuff.


Picture this: a map divided into Radiant (left side, lush and green) and Dire (right side, bugs everywhere). Split into three lanes – top, middle, and bottom – with a jungle in between filled with neutral creeps. Each team has towers guarding their lanes, with tier one, tier two, and tier three towers, plus tier four towers protecting the Ancient.


Offlane vs. Safelane: Know the Difference

Your teammates will toss around terms like top, middle, and bottom lanes, but you’ll also hear about offlane and safelane. The offlane’s risky – creeps meet closer to the enemy tower, while the safelane’s safer with creeps closer to your tower. Easy peasy, right?


Getting the Lowdown on Vision

You can’t see everything on the map – only where you have vision. Trees and hills block your view, adding to the mystery. Allies share their vision with you, so keep an eye out for anything fishy happening.


Bagging Those Runes

Runes pop up now and then, offering sweet bonuses. From the gold boost of Bounty Runes to the health and mana top-up of Water Runes, they’re like little power-ups waiting to be grabbed.

Living Through the Day and Night

Dota 2 has a day/night cycle that affects your vision and strategy. Vision decreases at night, so watch your back when the sun goes down.

The Invisible Menace

Some units go invisible, but fear not! True Sight from towers and special items can reveal them – unless they’ve got a sneaky trick up their sleeve.


Meet the Creeps

Creeps are your bread and butter for gold and experience. Last hit them to get the cash, deny them to annoy the enemy, and watch out for those pesky catapults.

Taking on the Jungle

Neutral creeps hang out in the jungle, minding their own business until you come along and ruin their day. Be careful though – some camps are tougher than others, especially the Ancients.


Facing Roshan

Roshan’s a big bad boss in his own pit, offering juicy rewards if you can take him down. Just be ready for a fight – he’s not going down without a brawl.

Heroic Heroes

With a ton of heroes to choose from, each game feels fresh. Pick one to master, or try them all – it’s up to you!


Playing Your Role

  • The Carry: This hero’s main job is to rack up gold and purchase powerful items. They claim the safest farm spots on the map, and when they snag a game-changing item, it’s time to bring the fight to the enemy.
  • The Midlaner: This hero thrives on solo experience early on, starting in their lane alone. With this XP advantage, they’re well-positioned to influence other lanes and apply pressure across the map.
  • The Offlaner: Usually a sturdy hero, the offlaner specializes in starting fights and providing support to the team. In their lane, their goal is to make life difficult for the enemy carry, disrupting their farm.
  • The Position Four Support: This role is all about versatility. Starting by harassing the enemy carry with the offlaner, they then roam the map, securing resources, stacking camps, and setting up plays to aid their team.
  • The Position Five Support: Tasked with babysitting the safe lane carry, this support ensures their teammate stays safe while also maintaining vision control across the map for the entire team.

Whether you’re a support, offlaner, mid, or carry, there’s a role for everyone. Stick to your lane, level up your skills, and work together for victory.


Phases of the Match

Early Game: Setting the Stage

In the beginning, it’s all about the lanes. Secure last hits on creeps, deny enemy farm, and keep an eye out for those early kills. Lay the groundwork for your team’s success while aiming to control the map and gain an advantage.

Mid Game: Shifting Gears

As the game progresses, heroes start to roam and make plays across the map. Your carry and mid should have some items by now, and towers may have fallen. Adapt to the flow of the game and decide whether to push, fight, or focus on farming up for bigger items.

Late Game: Bring Out the Big Guns

Now it’s crunch time. Your cores are geared up with their major items, and team fights become intense. The focus shifts to securing game-changing objectives like destroying enemy buildings or taking down Roshan for that extra edge. Stay sharp and work together to clinch victory in the late game showdown.


Item Shopping Spree

In Dota 2, items are your key to power, bought from either the Base Shop or the Secret Shop. You’ve got six inventory slots to fill with your active items, plus a handy backpack with three more slots for spares. Just remember, there’s a cooldown when swapping items out.

Back at base, you’ve got your stash with six more slots to store items bought from the Base Shop until you’re ready to grab them. Don’t forget about your trusty TP scroll and a spot reserved for those special neutral items that drop from jungle creeps.

When it comes to item builds, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The best items for each game depend on the challenges you’re facing. While you’re learning the ropes, stick to suggested item builds to get comfortable with the basics.

Starting with 600 gold in your pocket, make sure to spend it wisely before the match kicks off. Your build guide will point you in the right direction, but prioritize items that help you stay healthy and mana-rich for those early skirmishes.

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