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A streamer’s job involves creating and sharing live or recorded audio and video content over streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and others. Streamers can create content in a wide range of categories like video games, music, talk shows, sports, arts, and more. Their primary role is to entertain their audience, engage with them, and build a following. Building a loyal community of viewers is essential for any streamer, and they achieve that by offering entertaining and informative content, interacting with viewers, and hosting live events. Many streamers also monetize their content using various methods such as ads, sponsorships, donations, merchandise sales, among other things. Overall, the job of a streamer involves creating and sharing engaging content, building an audience, and creating a sustainable business around their content.

Streaming has enabled people from all around the world to connect and engage with each other in ways that were previously impossible. Whether you’re streaming yourself playing video games, singing, or discussing a topic, the fact that people from different countries and cultures can watch and participate in real-time is incredible. This type of global communication has many benefits, such as fostering a sense of community, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and allowing people to learn from each other. Streaming can also provide a unique platform for people who might otherwise struggle to find their voice. If you’re from a marginalized group or have a niche interest, streaming can connect you with like-minded people who appreciate your perspective and might not otherwise have access to it. Overall, the ability to connect with others around the world through streaming is a powerful tool for creating social connections, expanding our horizons, and fostering empathy and understanding.

Video game streaming has become a staple of popular media to consume, and it has had several significant benefits for society. For one, it has created a new form of entertainment, offering gamers and non-gamers alike a chance to watch and engage with talented players and entertaining content creators. Video game streaming has also become a new platform for brands to market their products, as sponsored streamers can reach a large and engaged audience through their content. Additionally, video game streaming has provided a new form of employment for thousands of people around the world, creating job opportunities for streamers, moderators, and others associated with the industry. However, there are still many ways video game streaming can positively impact society that have yet to be fully realized. For example, video game streaming can be used in education as a tool to teach critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. It can also be used for charity fundraising or to bring people together around a shared hobby or interest. As video game streaming continues to evolve, it is likely that it will continue to have a wide range of positive impacts on society, both in entertainment and beyond.

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1. Ninja

Follower Count: 18,278,800
Channel Views: 572,461,481
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, PUBG, H1Z1, Valorant, LoL

3 auronplay

2. auronplay

Follower Count: 13,279,401
Channel Views: 262,821,738
Frequently Plays: Minecraft, GTA V, Among Us, Rust

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3. Rubius

Follower Count: 12,334,130
Channel Views: 273,180,519
Frequently Plays: Minecraft, GTA V, Fortnite, Among Us


4. ibai

Follower Count: 11,263,091
Channel Views: 359,339,108
Frequently Plays: LoL, Minecraft, Among Us


5. Tfue

Follower Count: 11,111,673
Channel Views: 310,427,076
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, COD: Warzone, H1Z1

xqc smile 2

6. xQcOW

Follower Count: 10,973,007
Channel Views: 524,730,962
Frequently Plays: Overwatch, GTA V, Minecraft, Among Us

shroud main new

7. Shroud

Follower Count: 10,212,749
Channel Views: 570,770,965
Frequently Plays: PUBG, Valorant, CS:GO, WoW

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8. TheGrefg

Follower Count: 10,010,318
Channel Views: 263,195,635
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, Minecraft, Clash Royale


9. pokimane

Follower Count: 9,216,986
Channel Views: 219,814,873
Frequently Plays: LoL, Valorant, Fortnite, Among Us


10. Sodapoppin

Follower Count: 8,783,618
Channel Views: 398,389,356
Frequently Plays: Fortnite

juansguarnizo height and personal details

11. juansguarnizo

Follower Count: 8,519,086
Channel Views: 167,524,461
Frequently Plays: GTA V, Minecraft, Fortnite

tsm myth

12. Myth

Follower Count: 7,437,606
Channel Views: 167,569,029
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, Valorant, Paragon

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13. heelmike

Follower Count: 7,409,066
Channel Views: 8,434,167
Frequently Plays: Fortnite

tommyinnit opens up mental health youtube fame

14. tommyinnit

Follower Count: 7,210,425
Channel Views: 64,203,489
Frequently Plays: Minecraft


15. TimTheTatman

Follower Count: 7,210,425
Channel Views: 262,024,069
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, Overwatch, COD: Warzone

nickmercs explains why he isnt vlogging


Follower Count: 6,510,140
Channel Views: 222,844,538
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, COD: Warzone, COD: MW

l intro 1622579107

17. adinross

Follower Count: 6,160,820
Channel Views: 52,369,858
Frequently Plays: NBA 2K20, NBA 2K19, GTA V


18. Riot Games

Follower Count: 6,151,629
Channel Views:1,339,250,637
Frequently Plays: LoL


19. summit1g

Follower Count: 6,112,885
Channel Views: 505,141,393
Frequently Plays: GTA V, Escape from Tarkov, PUBG

dexerto header 1

20. dreamwastaken

Follower Count: 6,025,771
Channel Views: 17,296,428
Frequently Plays: Minecraft


21. SypherPK

Follower Count: 5,971,152
Channel Views: 111,968,384
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, For Honor, COD: Warzone


22. alanzoka

Follower Count: 5,800,225
Channel Views: 205,713,417
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, PUBG, Escape from Tarkov

118572099 amouranth 1

23. Amouranth

Follower Count: 5,614,499
Channel Views: 401,259,961
Frequently Plays: N/A

esl csgo


Follower Count: 5,517,195
Channel Views: 770,388,686
Frequently Plays: CS:GO

fnclixft2 747x420 1

25. Clix

Follower Count: 5,298,046
Channel Views: 123,401,948
Frequently Plays: Fortnite

mongraal 768x432 1

26. Mongraal

Follower Count: 5,223,963
Channel Views: 96,913,228
Frequently Plays: Fortnite

12br delay social news header 02 1920x1080 119208936

27. Fortnite

Follower Count: 5,169,194
Channel Views: 109,591,755
Frequently Plays: Fortnite

victor paul calderon elded net worth and bio

28. elded

Follower Count: 5,107,481
Channel Views: 82,391,185
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, COD: Warzone, Minecraft

bugha fortnite streamer twitch youtube02

29. bugha

Follower Count: 5,075,804
Channel Views: 110,164,532
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, Valorant

tyler1 1

30. loltyler1

Follower Count: 5,009,376
Channel Views: 301,327,063
Frequently Plays: LoL

maxresdefault 1 2

31. tubbo

Follower Count: 4,907,114
Channel Views: 65,500,120
Frequently Plays: Minecraft

maxresdefault 2 1

32. GeorgeNotFound

Follower Count: 4,807,683
Channel Views: 21,416,868
Frequently Plays: Minecraft

40864586574 offset 3812 preview

33. ElMariana

Follower Count: 4,765,683
Channel Views: 33,316,325
Frequently Plays: Fortnite


34. quackity

Follower Count: 4,752,621
Channel Views: 29,423,919
Frequently Plays: Minecraft, Toontown Online, Jackbox

arigameplays explodes in popularity after long awaited twitch returnjpeg

35. AriGamePlays

Follower Count: 4,668,825
Channel Views: 36,910,528
Frequently Plays: PUBG, COD: Warzone, Fortnite, H1Z1

dakotaz twitch reveals sober addiction

36. dakotaz

Follower Count: 4,644,371
Channel Views: 134,021,159
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, Among Us, PUBG,

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37. MontanaBlack88

Follower Count: 4,560,558
Channel Views: 155,770,599
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, GTA V, PUBG, COD: Warzone


38. DrLupo

Follower Count: 4,555,556
Channel Views: 171,183,009
Frequently Plays: Fortnite, PUBG, H1Z1, Valorant

maxresdefault 3 1

39. WilburSoot

Follower Count: 4,554,830
Channel Views: 25,084,886
Frequently Plays: Minecraft

mrfreshasian twitch scaled 1

40. Fresh

Follower Count: 4,479,556
Channel Views: 60,814,625
Frequently Plays: Fortnite

at cm1000791387 preview

41. ElSpreen

Follower Count: 4,349,569
Channel Views: 32,897,887
Frequently Plays: PUBG, COD: Warzone, Fortnite, H1Z1

how much does ranboo make from streaming on twitch

42. RanbooLive

Follower Count: 4,342,465
Channel Views: 66,919,610
Frequently Plays: Minecraft


43. Moistcr1tikal

Follower Count: 4,255,540
Channel Views: 59,320,942
Frequently Plays: PUBG, COD: Warzone, Fortnite, H1Z1

at cm1237703025 preview

44. Robleis

Follower Count: 4,181,753
Channel Views: 23,683,287
Frequently Plays: PUBG, COD: Warzone, Fortnite, H1Z1


45. DaequanWoco

Follower Count: 4,181,753
Channel Views: 23,683,287
Frequently Plays: Fortnite

maxresdefault 5

46. Philza

Follower Count: 4,051,029
Channel Views: 52,023,398
Frequently Plays: Minecraft, Rocket League

sykkuno announces surprise twitch subathon and fans are losing their minds

47. sykkuno

Follower Count: 4,035,015
Channel Views: 103,581,374
Frequently Plays: LoL, GTA V, Among Us, Valorant

sergio kun aguero durante un streaming en su perfil de twitch captura twitch slakun10

48. SLAKUN10

Follower Count: 4,021,295
Channel Views: 17,531,532
Frequently Plays: Fifa 20, GTA V, Among Us


49. NickEh30

Follower Count: 3,991,766
Channel Views: 79,897,169
Frequently Plays: Fortnite

1f0ae31a313bbald benjy

50. benjyfishy

Follower Count: 3,879,111
Channel Views: 82,474,086
Frequently Plays: Fortnite