Navigating Final Fantasy XIV: A Beginner’s Guide

  • Last Updated : Feb - 26 - 2022

Embarking on your journey in Final Fantasy XIV can be daunting for newcomers, but fear not! This beginner’s guide is packed with tips and tricks to ease you into the vast world of Eorzea

Getting Started

Prepare for a slow start; it takes about 50 hours to dive into the game’s full experience. Don’t worry, though—other players, identified by a sprout icon next to their name, are usually happy to lend a hand to newbies.

Creating Your Character

Character creation offers various options, from races like Hyur and Miqo’te to Lalafell and more. While races don’t affect gameplay, they define your character’s appearance. Additionally, consider gender—although it doesn’t impact gameplay, some races like Hrothgar are male-only, while Viera are female-only.

  • Hyur: Looks like humans and is the most natural avatar that you can pick in the game.
  • Elezen: Elven race that has pointy ears and a willowy physique.
  • Lalafell: Cute little race of people that look like Gnomes.
  • Miqo’te: Part human and part feline.
  • Roegadyn: Hulks with impressive statures, making them naturally gifted warriors.
  • Au Ra: Part demon and part human with tails and horns.
  • Hrothgar: feline race from Ilsabard.
  • Viera: a leporine race of people commonly found in Southern Othard.

Understanding Classes and Jobs

Choose your starting class wisely; each offers a unique playstyle. As you progress, you’ll unlock specialized jobs. Damage dealers include Black Mage and Dragoon, tanks like Warrior and Paladin, and healers such as White Mage and Astrologian.

Main Scenario Quests

Focus on Main Scenario Quests for quick progression and leveling. These quests are easily identifiable by their gold and gray meteor icons with an exclamation point.

Hall of Novice Quests

For a crash course in game mechanics, tackle the Hall of Novice quests. These training missions cover everything from basic gameplay to advanced strategies.

Dungeons, Trials, and Raids

While you can tackle main missions solo, dungeons, trials, and raids require teamwork. Form a balanced party with tanks, healers, and DPS players to overcome challenges together.

Using Aetheryte for Fast Travel

Aetheryte crystals serve as fast travel points, allowing you to move around Eorzea quickly. Unlock these crystals whenever you encounter them to streamline your travels.

Eating Before Combat

Before engaging in combat activities, consider eating food for the Well Fed buff. This grants a 3% XP boost for 30 minutes, aiding in faster leveling. Grab

food from vendors in the game to keep your adventurer well-fed and ready for action!

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