Rainbow Six Siege Beginner Guide

  • Last Updated : Mar - 07 - 2022
  1. Get Familiar with Game Modes

To ace Siege, you gotta know the drill. Rainbow 6 Siege offers three game modes: Hostage, Bomb, and Secure Area. Secure Area’s the easiest – just hold down the fort in the designated spot.

Hostage mode’s got a twist: get the hostage out safely, no shooting allowed. Shoot the hostage and your team’s toast.

Bomb mode’s a brain-teaser. As an attacker, plant the defuser near the bomb and guard it. Defenders, your job’s to stop them or destroy the defuser.

  1. Use Sound to Your Advantage

Listen up – sound’s your best friend in R6. It gives you the lowdown on enemy movements. Break some glass for clearer audio cues and keep an ear out for footsteps above.

  1. Pick the Right Operator

Operators are the name of the game in Siege. Each one’s got unique skills and gear. With 59 operators to choose from, you’ve got plenty of options. Start with Thatcher – a solid pick for newbies.

  1. Master Drones and Cameras

Drones are your secret weapon. Use ’em wisely for intel. Learn camera spots too – take ’em out to keep the defenders in the dark.

  1. Squad Up

Everything’s better with friends, right? Rainbow 6’s a 5v5 affair, and teaming up with pals amps up the fun. Communication’s key – plan your moves together for victory.

  1. Enjoy the Ride!

Above all, have a blast! Siege can be intense, so find your groove and enjoy the ride. As you get comfy with the game and its quirks, follow these tips to come out on top.

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