Rainbow Six Siege Beginner Guide

  • Last Updated : Mar - 07 - 2022

1.  Know The Game Modes

Seige beginners guide, you have to know the Rainbow 6 game to win it. Siege offers three types of game modes: Hostage, Bomb, and Secure Area. Secure Area is the easiest game mode of Rainbow 6. You can gain an easy victory by standing in the designated area for an amount of time.

Hostage is more secure with a slight twist. In this mode, you have to escort a hostage out of the building safely. Here’s a tip for hostage mode:  head fast for a direct exit without shooting the hostage. If any team shoots him, the team will lose.

The Bomb mode is quite tricky. The concept is, as an attacker, you will be given a defuser that you have to plant near the bomb area and protect it while it defuses. As a defender, your job is to either stop the attacker from planting or destroying the defuser.
Now, here’s the tips: Attacker should always plant the defuser somewhere on windows or some other places from where you can keep a look at it. On the other hand, a defender should watch if an enemy drops the defuser when you down them.

2.  Use Sounds In Your Favor

Sound plays a vital role in R6. So, use them to your advantage. Sound in R6 can tell you a lot of things. For example, you can hear if someone is loitering outside in the corridor.

Sounds on the above floor are also easy to listen to. Remember to break any window or glass in a room to get a clear sound of someone’s arrival. It can notify you about your enemies beforehand.

3.  Choose the Right Operator

If there’s one thing making Rainbow 6 different from any other modern shooter games, it is its gaming structure. Here you get different operators, each with different abilities and weapons. As of now, Siege has 59 operators, including both Attackers and Defenders.

You can try all these operators throughout various games. Every operator has different capabilities. You can use those in your favor and choose your game accordingly. You can also start with Thatcher, which among the most used Rainbow 6 beginner operators.

4.  Drones and Cams

Drones are some most essential equipment you’ll get in Siege that keeps you on an advanced foot in the game. Your job should be using them wisely. The more drones you have, the more intel you’ll get by placing them strategically.

You should also learn the camera placements on the map. It may seem overwhelming, but it can be precious during a single match in R6. As a beginner, you should always destroy or disable every camera you find. Thus, the defenders won’t get the critical intel.

5.  Play with Friends

Any game that you play with friends becomes much easier and more fun. Rainbow 6 is a 5V5 game. It would indeed be fun when you know the other 4 players in the game. The fun lies in collaborative gameplay. You communicate with your friends and teammates, plan strategy and implement those accordingly.

Communication is one of the essential tips and tricks for Rainbow 6. Newcomers in the game often overlook communication, while it may make the gameplay easier. So, polish your communication skills in the game and consider playing it as a team.

6.  Enjoy the Game!

Well, this is so far the best tip for Siege! Unless you enjoy playing a game, you can’t really win it. R6 is already very complex with its unusual settings and gameplay. So, you must get comfortable with everything and pick a playing strategy. As you learn the operators and what they can do, follow the tips and tricks for Rainbow 6 Siege that can lead you to win the game.

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