No Man’s Sky: How To Play Co-Op


When No Man’s Sky first launched, it was pretty basic and didn’t have much going on in terms of multiplayer. But oh boy, has it come a long way since then! Now, with all the updates, multiplayer is where it’s at, and it’s super easy to jump in and play with your pals. Here’s the lowdown on how to do it.

Playing with Friends in No Man’s Sky

Back in the day, figuring out how to play with friends in No Man’s Sky was a bit of a puzzle. But thanks to updates like NEXT, it’s a breeze now. You’ve got two main options:

  1. Directly Joining a Co-op Session:
    • Just fire up the game and choose whether you want to play solo or host a multiplayer session.
    • If you’re hosting, you can customize the session however you want, from keeping it private to opening it up to the whole universe.
    • You can even share your friend code with pals to easily add them to your game.
  2. Visiting The Nexus:
    • The Nexus is like a hub for multiplayer activities. It’s a great place to meet up with friends or even strangers for some space adventures.
    • It’s super easy to hop into a game from The Nexus and start exploring together.

No More Multiplayer Mishaps

no man s sky home screen cropped

Once upon a time, multiplayer in No Man’s Sky was a bit of a mess. Lag, crashes, and bugs galore made it a headache to play with friends. But fear not! Those days are behind us now. Multiplayer is smooth sailing, so you can focus on what really matters: having a blast with your buddies in the vast reaches of space.

So whether you’re on PC, console, or even VR, grab your friends and get ready for some epic space adventures in No Man’s Sky!

no man s sky multiplayer available sessions cropped

In the multiplayer menu, you have a few options to link up with pals. One cool feature is the Friend Code system, where you can share and add friends using unique codes right in the game. If that’s a bit too much hassle for you, no worries! You can still join friends directly or shoot them an invite through your platform’s friend list.

Now, let’s talk about the Nexus. It’s a whole different ball game, but it’s super easy to jump into multiplayer from here.

Friend codes come in handy because No Man’s Sky supports cross-platform play. This means you can easily sync up with friends playing on different systems. Easy peasy!

No Man’s Sky on Nintendo Switch: Co-op Multiplayer


So, you’re playing No Man’s Sky on the Nintendo Switch? Awesome! You can still dive into some co-op multiplayer action, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Since the Switch has its limitations, you can only host or join local co-op games, and there’s no cross-play with other platforms. But hey, at least you get an exclusive ship to cruise around in!

The Nexus: Your MMO Social Hub

no mans sky nexus nexus social hub multiplayer missions construction research terminal everything you need to know cropped cropped

Ever heard of The Nexus? It’s like the ultimate hangout spot in the No Man’s Sky universe. Here, you can do all sorts of cool stuff, like chatting with other players using VOIP, picking up missions from the Mission Board, or just chilling with friends. But here’s the catch: you gotta unlock it first. Once you’ve made some progress in the main quest line, you’ll start getting signals to investigate. Follow those signals, and eventually, The Nexus will warp into space nearby, ready for you to explore.

Keeping Your Game Private

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Worried about randos crashing your game? No problem! You’ve got options to keep your sessions private. Just head into your Network Settings and toggle off the option for anyone to join. And if you’re hanging out in The Nexus, you can set your lobby to invite-only. That way, it’s just you and your buddies enjoying the adventure together.

How to Start Missions

nomansskynexusboard cropped cropped cropped

Looking for some action in co-op? Missions in No Man’s Sky got you covered! These randomly generated quests can score you some sweet loot, like equipment or even some quicksilver. To kick things off, just head over to The Nexus in any star system and hop on the Nexus Interface next to your ship. From there, you can set up a private or public party and choose from a bunch of activities, like taking down pirates or gathering resources. And don’t worry about random strangers crashing your mission—each one is played in its own instance, so it’s just you and your crew.

Fun Stuff to Do with Friends

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No Man’s Sky has come a long way since its launch, and now there’s a ton of stuff you can do with your pals. From building bases to embarking on epic missions, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Race Around

exocraft cropped cropped cropped

Feeling the need for speed? Try your hand at building a custom racetrack with your friends! Just set up a Race Initiator, design your course, and see who can clock the fastest time. Don’t forget to drop some checkpoints along the way!

Take to the Skies

no man s sky flying mount cropped

With the Prisms update, you can now tame and ride flying creatures! Feed them some bait, hop on their backs, and soar through the skies together. It’s a whole new way to explore the universe.

Join Co-op Expeditions

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Team up with your buddies for some long-haul adventures across the galaxy. As you complete goals, you’ll unlock exclusive rewards and discover new elements of No Man’s Sky. Plus, you can meet and interact with other players along the way.

Explore Together

alpinefly cropped cropped cropped

Exploring the vast galaxy of No Man’s Sky is way more fun with friends by your side. Whether you’re charting new territory, encountering strange alien races, or engaging in epic dogfights, there’s always something exciting to discover. So grab your pals and get ready for an adventure!

Getting Started with Base Building

no mans sky screenshots zum pathfinder update 122790915 cropped cropped

Building your own base in No Man’s Sky is a blast, especially when you can do it with friends. Just land on any planet, whip out a Base Computer from the building menu, and start claiming your turf. All you need is some Chromatic Metal, which you can easily get by refining Copper. Once your base is up, you and your pals can turn it into a cool spaceport to hang out in.

Exploring Abandoned Freighters and Facing Threats

no mans sky desolation cropped cropped

If you’re up for a challenge, check out the abandoned freighters added in the Desolation Update. These spooky space hulks are filled with all sorts of dangers, from creepy alien organisms to pesky Space Pirates. Make sure to bring your A-game and plan ahead, because you never know what you’ll encounter onboard.

Creating Your Own Freighter Crew

freighter cropped

Freighters in No Man’s Sky aren’t just for show anymore. With the Endurance update, they got a major upgrade, including teleport hubs and warp travel. Plus, there’s a bunch of cool Capital class ships to choose from, like the iconic Normandy from Mass Effect. Gather your friends and start your own space adventure aboard your trusty freighter.

Starting a Colony

settlements cropped

Why settle for one base when you can have a whole colony? With the Frontiers update, you can establish your own settlement on a planet and watch it grow over time. Whether you want to rule over your own fiefdom or colonize an entire planet, the choice is yours.

Forming a Mecha Squad

mechs cropped

Ready for some robot action? Grab your buddies and hop into the Minotaur exo-suits added in No Man’s Sky. These bad boys are equipped with all sorts of weapons and attachments, perfect for taking on any threats you encounter. Plus, with the Sentinel update, you can even bring along a friendly Sentinel bot for backup.

Building New Atlantis

underwaterbase cropped

With the Prisms update, base building got a major facelift. Now you can build underwater bases or lofty sky bases with ease. Grab your pals, dive into the alien oceans, and create your own underwater paradise. The possibilities are endless!

Check Out Those Cosmetics!

customisationscreen cropped

Back in the day, No Man’s Sky didn’t offer much in terms of character customization. But now, you can pimp out your character with all sorts of cool gear. From funky alien faces to stylish capes, there’s something for everyone. And with new items dropping regularly, you can always stay fresh and fashionable in the universe.

Make Some Furry Friends

companion cropped

Space can feel pretty lonely, even with multiplayer. But fear not! No Man’s Sky lets you befriend the local wildlife as pets or companions. Whether you want a cuddly critter or a fierce beast by your side, there’s no shortage of creatures to choose from. And with each update, the creature catalog just keeps growing!

Become a Smuggler

outlawstation cropped

Who doesn’t love a little mischief? With the Outlaws update, you and your crew can start your very own smuggling operation. Transporting illicit goods may be risky, but the rewards are totally worth it. Plus, you can hunt down Space Pirates for some extra cash on the side. Just watch your back!

Summon Your Squadron

sqaudron cropped

Tired of getting outnumbered in space battles? Call in reinforcements! With the Squadron feature, you can recruit NPC fighters to join your crew. And the best part? Your friends can see and even attack your squadrons, adding a whole new level of chaos to the skies.

Create Your Own Universe


Feeling overwhelmed by all the game’s features? No problem! The Waypoint update lets you customize your galaxy to your liking. Adjust combat difficulty, tweak resource spawning, and even enable permadeath if you’re feeling brave. It’s your universe, so make it your own!

Fight the Corruption


A new threat has emerged in the universe: purple crystal corruption. These crystals have corrupted local Sentinels and introduced new enemies. But fear not! Taking down these crystals yields unique rewards, including new gear and companions. Just watch out for those aggressive enemies!

Join the Space Pirates


Always dreamed of being a swashbuckling space pirate? Now’s your chance! With the Echoes update, you can join or fight against massive Pirate Freighters. Take down their defenses, loot their treasures, and live out your space-faring fantasies with your friends by your side. Arrr, matey!

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