Lethal Company: Every Moon, Explained


Whether you’re a lone scavenger or part of a team, understanding the characteristics of each moon in Lethal Company is crucial before charting your course. Here’s a breakdown of each moon and what you need to know to increase your chances of survival and success:

All Moons

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Here’s the quickest overview:

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71-Gordion (Company Building)

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  • This is where your employer is located, and it’s where you’ll sell your scrap.
  • The smallest moon, mostly consisting of the Company building.
  • Features permanent rainy weather but no external hazards besides the Company Monster.
  • Time doesn’t pass here, making it a safe spot to stay.



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  • The first moon you’ll likely visit, with a small and straightforward layout.
  • Primarily composed of the main complex, with minimal natural cover.
  • Often receives a Hazard Level of B, making internal challenges tougher.



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  • Offers hilly terrain and giant rock formations, slightly larger than Experimentation.
  • Generally safer weather conditions, with a decent scrap spawn rate.
  • Provides good scrap value but beware of hazards like Snare Fleas.



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  • Features a forested landscape with hills and large trees.
  • Offers multiple routes to the main complex, with potential permanent bridge breakage.
  • Watch out for plant-based enemies like the Forest Keeper and Bracken.


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  • Similar to Assurance but with unique features like an Extension Ladder requirement.
  • Less hazardous during Flooded or Eclipsed weather due to the pipeline.
  • Offers high scrap value but beware of Thumpers and Bunker Spiders.



  • Dense forest environment with permanent quicksand spots and constant rain.
  • Contains four Fire Exits, spread across the map for easy navigation.
  • Be cautious during Flooded weather as waters can rise dangerously high.



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  • Constant blizzard makes navigation challenging, especially combined with other weather conditions.
  • Features new scrap types and dangerous enemies like Eyeless Dogs and Forest Keepers.
  • Offers high scrap value but with added difficulty and exploration costs.



screenshot2024 01 10130828
  • Also experiences a constant blizzard and potential flooding.
  • Follow lit lamps to avoid getting lost and watch out for rising waters.
  • Home to valuable scrap and challenging enemies within its Mansion complex.


screenshot2024 01 10130924
  • Largest complex map size with valuable scrap but high danger.
  • Snowy mountain environment without a constant blizzard.
  • Hostile enemies spawn both inside and outside, making it the most perilous moon.

Each moon in Lethal Company offers its own blend of challenges and rewards, so choose your destinations wisely to maximize your chances of success.

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