Overwatch 2 – Widowmaker Hero Guide

  • Last Updated : Mar - 09 - 2023

Widowmaker in Overwatch 2 isn’t your average DPS; she demands precision and map knowledge to shine. With the right skills and map awareness, you can turn her into a one-shot wonder, wiping out enemies in a flash. But reaching that level takes some serious effort. Here’s the lowdown on how to master the sharpshooting Widowmaker.

Get to Know Widowmaker

Widowmaker is a sniper armed with a rifle that deals more damage when charged, but it’s her scoped shots that pack the real punch. She can grapple away from danger and plant venom mines to trap enemies. However, she’s fragile, and her lack of mobility can be a liability.

Widowmaker uses a grappling hook to escape from foes and reach high places, and she can also plant a venom mine that gradually saps enemy health if they approach it and trigger an explosion. She only has one mobility option, though, and that’s where Widowmaker’s biggest weakness lies. As you’d expect from a sniper, she has low HP and won’t survive a one-on-one fight.

Mastering Widowmaker’s Arsenal

Widow’s Kiss fires either a spread of bullets at close range or a single, powerful shot when scoped. Her grappling hook provides mobility, and the venom mine damages enemies who trigger it. Her ultimate, Infra-Sight, reveals all enemies to your team.

Practice Makes Perfect

Becoming a Widowmaker pro takes practice. Focus on improving your aim by playing against AI and adjusting the difficulty. Familiarize yourself with map layouts to find the best sniping spots and ambush points.

Survival Tactics

Widowmaker’s survival depends on finding safe perches to scope from. Use your grappling hook to escape dangerous situations and reposition yourself on high ground where you can reign supreme.

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Supporting Your Team

While Widowmaker excels at dealing damage, her abilities can also support the team. Use venom mines to weaken enemies and Infra-Sight to expose enemy positions for your team.

Tips for Success

    • Aim for headshots for instant kills, but don’t stress if you miss.
    • Move after taking a few shots to avoid being pinned down.
    • Target healers and weaker DPS first, then focus on tanks.
    • Time your ultimate for maximum impact, such as during team pushes or to counter enemy Widowmakers.

    With practice and strategic play, you can turn Widowmaker into a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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