Warzone tips and tricks for beginner’s

  • Last Updated : Apr - 15 - 2022
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Make the most of the early game

Maximizing your performance in the early game of Warzone is crucial for a strong start. One of the first skills to master is the art of landing effectively. Your landing strategy should be tailored to the distance you need to cover. For detailed guidance on fast landings, refer to our comprehensive Warzone guide.

A strategic move during descent involves cutting your chute while still high above the ground. This brief window allows you to shoot with your starting pistol, giving you the opportunity to disrupt opponents’ landings or even secure early eliminations. Aim to descend slightly above your adversaries to gain this advantage.

Remember, if you’ve manually cut your chute during descent, it won’t auto-deploy as you approach the ground. Be vigilant and deploy it manually to avoid a swift demise.

In the initial minutes after landing, prioritize three objectives: acquiring decent weapons, utilizing Armor Plates to bolster your HP, and accumulating enough cash to purchase a Loadout Drop Marker from a Buy Station.

Preparing Your Loadouts

Utilize the pre-game lobby to your advantage, as any kills you secure contribute to permanent XP for your weapons. This unlocks new attachments and skins for future matches. Additionally, consider creating loadouts for underleveled teammates, maximizing the available attachments to enhance their performance.

While swapping the order of your weapons isn’t straightforward, you can exploit nearby weapons on the ground to rearrange them effectively. Remember, the color of a weapon indicates the number of filled attachment slots, not its intrinsic power.

Combat Tactics

Warzone features a relatively low time-to-kill (TTK), emphasizing the importance of prioritizing safety in engagements. Winning a gunfight while outnumbered is challenging due to the swift TTK. Focus on leveraging positioning and surprise tactics against larger teams.

Stay attentive to your minimap and compass, as nearby enemy gunfire reveals their location temporarily. Utilize this information to pinpoint enemy positions and coordinate with your team.

Tactical maneuvers like drop-shotting, going prone while firing, can throw off opponents and reduce your vulnerability. Attachments enhancing Aim Walking Movement Speed offer a significant advantage across all combat scenarios.

Learn the materials that can be penetrated to maximize your cover in engagements. Thin cover can be shot through, while trees and thick walls provide reliable protection. Consider using the FMJ weapon perk to maximize damage through cover.

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Maximizing Armor Plates

When applying Armor Plates, stash away your currently held weapon for faster application. You can multitask while applying Armor Plates, such as sprinting or interacting with crates and doors. Note that each Armor Plate fills your Armor bar to its current maximum level, regardless of existing damage.

Armor offers global protection to your entire body, including headshots and limb shots. Keep in mind that only gas can bypass Armor, making it a crucial asset for survival.

Equipment and Killstreak Utilization

Explosives like Semtex and Thermite guarantee kills upon direct hits, making them potent tools in engagements. Master the quick detonation of C4 by double-tapping the Use button, allowing for rapid deployment in combat situations.

Leverage the Heartbeat Sensor to detect nearby enemies, though its effectiveness diminishes as opponents acquire loadouts with the Ghost Perk. Activating three UAVs simultaneously grants an Advanced UAV effect, revealing all enemy positions and rotations.

Cluster Strikes and Precision Airstrikes are formidable in the final circles, capable of eliminating enemies even indoors through doors or windows.

Money Management and Buy Stations

In squad play, consider pooling cash to facilitate strategic purchases from Buy Stations. Exercise caution around Buy Stations, as they often attract enemy attention. Scout the area before utilizing one to avoid ambushes.

Buy Stations offer essential items like Loadout Drops, UAVs, and Self-Revive Kits, providing significant advantages during matches. Completing Recon missions reveals future circle positions, offering a strategic edge.


Navigation and Vehicle Usage

Verdansk’s expansive map requires careful navigation, especially when traversing long distances to reach the next circle. Familiarize yourself with key map features and loot hotspots to optimize your route.

Vehicles provide swift transportation but also attract attention with their conspicuous presence. Approach enemy-controlled vehicles with caution, as a single touch can result in instant elimination.

Employ tactics like driving backward in Cargo Trucks or SUVs to minimize the risk of being shot. Switch positions within the vehicle when under fire to evade enemy shots effectively.

Mastering the Gulag

In the Gulag, utilize equipment like Stun or Flash grenades effectively to gain the upper hand in engagements. Communicate enemy positions clearly with simple callouts to aid teammates.

Successful Gulag fights grant an opportunity for redemption, while the flag capture during overtime heals you to full health. Use rocks to distract combatants or detonate traps during spectation.


General Survival Tips

Ensure safe landings by avoiding close proximity to building edges during descent. Utilize crouching or going prone while reviving teammates to minimize exposure to enemy fire.

Optimize your reviving strategy by allowing teammate revives to progress even if interrupted. Share resources like ammo and Armor Plates among teammates to maintain parity.

Switch your minimap to square mode for improved situational awareness, gaining a slight advantage over circular-minimap users. Leverage crawling and enemy pinging while downed to provide critical information to your team.

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In summary, mastering early-game tactics in Warzone sets the foundation for success in the intense battles ahead. Prioritize effective landing strategies, strategic loadout preparation, and tactical combat maneuvers to secure victory in the ever-evolving battlefield of Verdansk.

And That all, Good luck and have fun!

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