Daredevil returns to his badass ’90s style courtesy of God of War’s art director


God of War art director Rafael Grassetti is adding his talents to the Marvel Universe this November with a badass, beefed up Daredevil variant cover that showcases the Man Without Fear in his cult-classic ’90s armored costume.

The cover will appear on Daredevil: Black Armor #1, which kicks off a four-issue limited series by classic ’90s Daredevil writer DG Chichester and artists Netho Diaz and JP Mayer. Daredevil: Black Armor flashes back to the ’90s stories ‘Fall From Grace’ and ‘Fall of the Kingpin,’ in which Matt Murdock briefly donned a black and red armored costume which has since become a cult favorite for ’90s comics fans.

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In Daredevil: Black Armor, originally announced during Comic-Con International: San Diego 2023, Matt Murdock will face off with a who’s who of Marvel villains including Sabretooth, Hobgoblin, and more as he hunts down a mysterious threat behind a string of disappearances in Hell’s Kitchen.

“If someone told me earlier that I’d have another chance to put on Daredevil’s horns (let alone horns attached to a suit of black armor) I’d have thought they’d taken one too many whacks to the head with a billy club. But apparently my passport to Hell’s Kitchen still works just fine!” Chichester states in Marvel’s announcement. “It’s an unexpected (but welcome!) thrill to visit Matt Murdock’s neighborhood again, and to work with Marvel on going back in time to discover a new adventure for the man without fear.”

Daredevil: Black Armor #1 goes on sale November 11 with a main cover by Mark Bagley along with Grassetti’s newly revealed variant cover, seen above.


If you can’t get enough of the Man Without Fear, check out the best Daredevil stories of all time.

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