Halo Infinite Developer Joseph Staten Is Leaving 343 Industries And Returning To Xbox Publishing – Report

  • Last Updated : Jan - 23 - 2023
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In a shocking move, Microsoft has announced significant layoffs affecting approximately 10,000 employees. Reports indicate that 343 Industries, the studio behind Halo Infinite, has been hit by these layoffs, and veteran developer Joseph Staten is reportedly departing to rejoin Xbox Publishing.

The news of Staten’s departure was first revealed by Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, who also mentioned that 343 Industries has been “hit hard” by the layoffs. Staten has a rich history with the Halo franchise, having contributed to the storytelling of iconic titles such as Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3. His return to 343 Industries in 2020 was aimed at assisting the team in completing Halo Infinite.

While Staten’s exit from Halo Infinite may not come as a complete surprise, considering his temporary role mentioned in the original announcement, it still marks a significant change for the development team.

Additionally, other employees from 343 Industries have taken to social media to announce their layoffs. Christopher Blohm, a Design Lead at the studio, shared his departure after spending twelve years at 343 Industries and 23 years at Microsoft.

According to Bloomberg’s report, both Bethesda Game Studios, responsible for Starfield, and 343 Industries were impacted by Microsoft’s layoffs. Although specific numbers have not been disclosed, 343 Industries’ studio head Pierre Hintze confirmed in an internal email that support for Halo Infinite’s multiplayer and live service elements would continue despite the workforce reduction.

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