Apex Legends: Beginners Overview

  • Last Updated : Mar - 17 - 2022

Picking the Right Legend

In Apex Legends, all competitors are on an even playing field in terms of strength, speed, and firepower. What sets them apart are their unique abilities. Choose a Legend that matches your preferred playstyle and complements your squad. Want to tank for your team? Gibraltar’s your guy. Need to cover ground fast? Pathfinder’s got your back. Prefer supporting your team? Lifeline’s ready to roll. Experiment with different Legends to find your fit.

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Stick with Your Squad

Success in Apex Legends relies heavily on teamwork. Stick close to your squadmates to keep each other safe and outplay your opponents by combining your abilities. Whether it’s Wraith’s Dimensional Rift or Caustic’s Nox gas, working together can give you the edge in battle. Going solo? Prepare to face overwhelming odds from enemy squads.

Keep in Touch with Smart Comms

Communication is key in Apex Legends. Use the in-game ping system to share crucial information with your teammates. Highlight loot, threats, and your next move without needing a microphone. Keep everyone in the loop to ensure you’re always on the same page and ready for action.

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Know Your Arena

Familiarize yourself with Kings Canyon, the deadly playground where Apex Matches unfold. Learn the terrain, hotspots, and best loot locations to stay ahead of the competition. Be especially mindful of the shrinking Ring, which forces you to keep moving and make quick decisions as the match progresses.

Hunt for High-Tier Loot

Different areas of the map spawn different tiers of loot, with higher tiers offering stronger weapons and armor. Keep an eye out for high-tier loot locations and dropships for the best gear. Decide with your squad whether the risk is worth the reward each match.

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Revive and Respawn Strategically

In Apex Legends, teamwork can turn the tide of battle. When a teammate falls, retrieve their Legend Banner and take it to a Respawn Beacon to bring them back into the fight. It’s a risky move but can make all the difference in securing victory.

Utilize Map Features to Your Advantage

Take advantage of Jump Towers, Hot Zones, and Respawn Beacons scattered across Kings Canyon. These features can help you navigate the map quickly, access high-tier loot, and bring downed teammates back to life. Incorporate them into your strategy for a tactical advantage.

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Make the Most of Loot

Don’t let anything go to waste in the arena. Grab armor, weapon attachments, and backpack upgrades to improve your chances of survival. Communicate with your squad to share item locations and prioritize higher-tier loot. Always be on the lookout for fallen enemies’ caches—they often contain valuable gear that could turn the tide of battle.

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