Dead By Daylight: How To Counter The Singularity

  • Last Updated : Jun - 16 - 2023

Excitement always brews among Dead By Daylight players whenever a new chapter drops, bringing fresh characters and perks into the mix. For survivors, it’s a thrilling opportunity to uncover the mechanics and strategies to stand a better chance against the newest killer on the block.

Don’t Freak Out When He Teleports

dead by daylight singularity in overclock modejpg

Facing off against The Singularity can be intimidating, especially when you know he can teleport right behind you. But fear not, there’s plenty of counterplay against this chase-heavy killer. Firstly, remember that he can only teleport if you’re infected, a condition triggered by the Biopods he plants.

During a chase, steer clear of areas where Biopods are placed. But if you do get infected, keep your cool. Pay attention to your movement; running in a straight line still buys you around eight to ten seconds before he catches up. And remember, stunning him during Overclock mode won’t work, so pre-drop pallets instead.

“Made For This” Perk: Your Best Ally

dead by daylight gabriel with biopodjpg

Gabriel Soma, the character released alongside The Singularity, brings a game-changing perk called “Made For This.” This gem boosts your speed by three percent when injured and not Exhausted, extending your survival time against The Singularity’s onslaught.

Combine “Made For This” with other perks like Hope or Blood Pact, or the Blighted Serum add-on, for even more speed. Carrying a Med-kit with the Blighted Serum and syringe can give you a high-speed boost during your final chase, letting you heal back to full in no time.

Always Have An EMP Handy

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EMPs are a survivor’s best friend when facing The Singularity. These special items spawn around the map and disable Biopods when used. Keep an eye out for EMP cases scattered around; picking one up automatically starts the printing process for another.

Use EMPs strategically. If you’re not infected, there’s no need to use one. But once infected, activate it to remove your infection and disable nearby Biopods. For an added edge, coordinate with teammates to have someone hovering with an EMP to use as soon as needed.

Keep An Eye On The HUD

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Even if you’re not in a coordinated group, keeping track of infected teammates via the HUD can help. When a teammate gets infected, a pink blob appears on their portrait. Use this information to locate them and assist with an EMP, but be cautious not to jeopardize your own safety.

Utilize the Environment During Chases

dead by daylight david gabriel and haddiejpg

Line of sight is key for The Singularity, both when infecting survivors and teleporting. When not infected, stay mindful of Biopod locations and utilize obstacles to avoid detection. Once infected, use obstacles to break line of sight and make teleporting difficult for the killer.

Windows are your friend against The Singularity. If he lacks the Bamboozle perk, vaulting through windows can disorient him, giving you precious time to escape.

Each new Dead By Daylight chapter brings fresh challenges and opportunities for both killers and survivors. With these tips in your arsenal, you’ll be better equipped to face off against The Singularity and emerge victorious in the foggy realms of the Entity.

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