Dead By Daylight: How To Counter The Singularity

  • Last Updated : Jun - 16 - 2023

Whenever a new chapter comes around in Dead By Daylight, it’s an exciting time for both killers and survivors as they get to see new characters and perks in the game. As a survivor, it’s fun to find out the mechanics and tricks you can use against the newest killer to have a better chance.

In the first few games against a new killer, the loading screen gives you some useful tips, though they’re not nearly enough to guarantee your survival. The Singularity is a chase-heavy killer, so here are a few things you can do to last longer against it.

Don’t Panic When He Teleports

dead by daylight singularity in overclock modejpg

It can be quite daunting when you hear that The Singularity can constantly teleport right behind you, but this ability has a ton of counterplay. First and foremost, it’s important to remember that the killer can only trigger the teleport if you’re infected, and they have to do that using the Biopods.


If you’re getting chased, you first need to check around for the locations where he places these Biopods. Try to avoid going into these areas as much as you can. Although, you don’t have to forcefully take a hit just to prevent the infection. Even if you get infected, here are some things you can do:

  • When the killer teleports to you, keep calm and pay attention to your movement. If you run in a straight line, it’ll still take the killer about eight to ten seconds to catch up unless they have certain add-ons. This is usually more than enough time to make it to a pallet or a window.
  • Don’t try to stun the killer during the Overclock mode. It can’t be stunned in this form and the pallet will instantly break, slowing the killer a bit. It’s always recommended to pre-drop the pallet if you can’t make it to anything else.
  • During the first teleport, try to keep track of how long the killer’s Overclock lasts. This mode lasts for six seconds by default, but it can be increased with an add-on. Once you know the duration, you’ll be able to time your loops better.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to not waste a pallet and also take a hit. If the killer starts swinging just before you drop the pallet, the entire swing will go through, which will cost you a pallet and a health state.


Made For This Is Great Against Him

dead by daylight gabriel with biopodjpg

Gabriel Soma was released alongside The Singularity in Chapter 28. He’s an original character so you can get him using some Iridescent Shards, and he has a perk called Made For This. This perk gives you a three percent extra speed whenever you’re injured and not Exhausted, and it can be game-changing against this killer.

As mentioned above, you already have plenty of seconds after the teleport until the killer catches up, and the speed from Made For This increases it even more. Of course, you’ll have normal speed when you’re healthy, but you can survive for far longer once you’re injured if you’re using this.

TIP!! This can also be combined with Hope, Blood Pact, or the Blighted Serum add-on to get even more speed.

You can bring a Med-kit with the Blighted Serum and a syringe for your final chase of the trial. During this chase, use these add-ons when you’re injured to get a high-speed boost and you’ll also heal back to full in 24 seconds. These items will let you last long enough for the killer to lose the game if they commit.


Always Have An EMP

dead by daylight gabriel with empjpg

EMPs are special items that spawn only if you’re up against The Singularity. There will be five cases placed at random places on the map, and these will automatically print an EMP after 90 seconds. The process starts again as soon as you claim an EMP inside and you can also increase the speed by interacting with it.

If you see a case with an EMP ready, it’s always recommended to pick it up so that another one can start being printed, and you can use the one you have in your next chase. When you use an EMP, it’ll get rid of your infection and the infection of any ally in the radius. Moreover, all the Biopods in the area also get disabled.

NOTE!! Keep in mind that the killer can simply shoot at the deactivated Biopod and replace it with an activated one instantly.

It’s also important to know when you should use an EMP. If you’re not infected, there’s no reason to use the item even if there are five Biopods around you. Use the item as soon as you get infected and try to bring as many Biopods as possible within the radius. You can also try to play it risky and wait for the killer to enter a Biopod before using it.


This will waste some of their time, which can be vital for winning the game. If you’re playing with a group of friends, it’s quite easy to shut this killer down. If one person in the group is getting chased, try to have another person constantly hovering with an EMP that can be activated as soon as the chased person is infected.

TIP!! The killer will never be able to teleport if you use this tactic, at which point it becomes a normal killer.

Keep An Eye On The HUD

dead by daylight infected yuijpg

Even if you’re playing in a solo or duo queue, you can try to use the tactic mentioned above. Whenever a survivor gets infected, you’ll see a pink blob on their survivor portrait at the bottom left of your screen. At this point, if the other two teammates are working on generators, you can try to find the person getting chased with an EMP.

Of course, this is a risky decision as it can also lead to the downfall of your team. It’s recommended to use this when someone gets chased for the second time. The first time they get chased, you can keep looking at the HUD and see how long they last. If they’re a good survivor, using this tactic can be fruitful.


TIP! Perks like Empathy can help you find the chased teammate massively as it reveals their aura when they’re injured.

Another situation where you wouldn’t want to do this is when you’re on death hook while the person getting chased isn’t. If the killer is smart and is keeping track of everyone’s hook states, they’ll simply switch targets and try to take you out of the game as fast as possible.

Use The Environment During Chase

dead by daylight david gabriel and haddiejpg

Much like any other ranged killer in the game, line of sight is crucial for the person playing The Singularity. If you’re not infected, they need line of sight to know when you’re in their Biopod’s radius. On the other hand, when you are infected, they need to see you so that they can shoot you and teleport.

This allows you to have the power of preventing this crucial detail. When you’re not infected, you should always be aware of the surrounding Biopods’ location. You can also hear directional audio when the killer moves to one of these pods. Try to wait around corners and avoid revealing your body to the pods.

NOTE!! If the killer is half decent with The Singularity, they’ll still be able to infect you quite easily.

Once you’re infected, the killer will try their best to shoot at you directly to teleport. This is where you can use the obstacles in your path to constantly lose line of sight. Even if your pathing isn’t optimal, it’s better to avoid the teleport as much as you can.


Another thing to remember while getting chased by a Singularity is that windows counter them quite well if they don’t have the perk Bamboozle. Try to make the killer shoot you while vaulting a window as this will teleport them on the wrong side and let you gain extra distance.

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