All Starfield crew members confirmed, skills and more


You’ll can build a Starfield crew as you explore the galaxy. These could be members of factions like Constellation, recruited in space ports, or even found in the galaxy as you explore. It’s a vital part of Starfield ship customization as well, as crew members come with a variety of skills that can boost stats and abilities once on board. They can also be assigned to your Starfield outposts and change how they run according to what they’re good at in Starfield.


There are three main ways to get crew in Starfield: 

  1. Companions can join your crew
  2. You can hire them at Spaceports
  3. You can find them as you explore

So while any of the Starfield companions can be crew, crew might not always companions, with Bethesda saying ‘just like companions most crew members can lend a hand in the field’, I’ve added that emphasis. It also looks like companions have a wider range of higher level skills than general recruits. 

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These are the various Starfield Crew skills we’ve seen so far: 

  • Astrodynamics
  • Ballistics
  • Botany
  • Concealment
  • Gastronomy
  • Geology
  • Lasers
  • Leadership
  • Outpost engineering
  • Particle Beam Weapon Systems
  • Payloads
  • Piloting
  • Robotics
  • Rifle Certification
  • Scavenging
  • Shotgun Certification
  • Starship Engineering
  • Weight Lifting 

These all appear to be existing Starfield skills, so your various crew members will be able to enhance your own abilities with ranked tiers of buffs, currently ranging from one to four stars. It also looks like Companions can boost four stats while non-companions recruits we’ve seen so far have only boosted two or three. 


What’s not currently clear is how this works when you assign people to the various ships and Outposts you can own. However, you can only have one active ship, and a ‘current’ outpost, so it seems likely that you’ll receive the buffs of whoever’s in the ship and outpost you’re currently using. At the same time, any passive outpost activities like resource gathering might receive a boost from your crew whether it’s your ‘main’ base or not.


There are seven confirmed Starfield Crew members and some likely potentials. These include companions, the Adoring Fan, a spaceport recruit, and someone you can find and rescue while exploring: 

  • Sarah Morgan
  • Sam Coe
  • Barrett
  • Noel
  • Mateo
  • Vasco
  • The Adoring Fan
  • Marika Boros
  • Heller

Here’s what we know about the various crew in Starfield so far: 

Sarah Morgan, Constellation companion

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  • Astrodynamics ****
  • Lasers ***
  • Leadership **
  • Botany *

Sarah is the leader of Constellation so the Leadership boost, which increases the speed you gain affinity with companions shouldn’t be a surprise. She also has a big Astrodynamics buff which increases grav drive capability, making her very useful if you want to jump around the galaxy.

Sam, Constellation companion 

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  • Piloting ****
  • Rifle Certification ***
  • Payloads **
  • Geology *

While Sam’s biggest perk is a four star boost to piloting, his most useful skill is probably Payloads which will help you increase your ship cargo space. That’s definitely going to help if you want to move and sell lots of stuff. 

Barratt, Constellation companion

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  • Starship Engineering ****
  • Particle Beam Weapons Systems ***
  • Robotics **
  • Gastronomy *

We don’t currently have any info on Barrett’s two biggest skills other than they exist. However, Robotics will give you a damage boost to robotic enemies and Gastronomy will help you craft and research more food items. 


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Vasco has been the longest confirmed companion and crew member, but the skills he brings to the table are still a mystery.


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As a member of Constellation and it’s leaders protégé, Noel appears to be a potential crew member but currently we know nothing than she’s a gifted scientist. That will likely shape what skills and abilities she can offer.


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As Constellation’s theologian, it’s hard to see how Mateo could be useful, but his role and function in the group does suggest he could be useful. His belief and interest in the idea there’s ‘definitely something else out there’ would make him useful in areas of alien interest. 

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