Honkai: Star Rail – Yukong Character Builds (Best Light Cones, Relics, Traces)


Yukong is an essential character in the main story of Honkai: Star Rail. She is a 4-Star Imaginary character of the Harmony path. Her kit delivers massive boosts to her allies’ ATK and CRIT hits, allowing them to stab through enemy lines. Her direct style is excellent for supporting lower-level DPS units.

Yukong’s kit in Honkai: Star Rail centers around her massive focused attacks and her unique mechanic, Roaring Bowstrings. Yukong creates two Roaring Bowstrings with her skill, which provide an ATK bonus to all allies and shrinks after each ally’s turn (save for Yukong). Meanwhile, Yukong’s Basic ATK not only deals extra DMG with her Talent, but reduces enemy Toughness. Yukong can work as a sub-DPS or ATK support.

Best Light Cones For Yukong


Although Yukong does not have a custom Light Cone in Honkai: Star Rail, she can use Bronya’s signature Light Cone, But the Battle Isn’t Over. This Light Cone has some useful Energy Regeneration boosts and can even restore a Skill Point after using Yukong’s Ultimate. However, the more important part of this Light Cone for Yukong’s build is the DMG bonus. After Yukong’s Skill, the next ally in the turn order gets up to a 50% DMG bonus. Combined with the skill’s ATK bonus, this makes for a powerful strike.

5-Star Light Cones are hard to get in Honkai: Star Rail. Therefore, players are more likely to use a 4-Star Light Cone with one of Yukong’s memories called Past and Future. This is an easy Light Cone to get, as it can be purchased from multiple shops and comes as a reward from Echoes of War. Past and Future can give up to a 32% DMG bonus to the next acting ally after Yukong uses her Skill. This is a smaller bonus than But the Battle Isn’t Over, but still highly effective.

If players have the funds to buy Nameless Honor, the Battle Pass in Honkai: Star Rail, they could even grab Carve the Moon, Weave the Clouds for Yukong’s Light Cone. This Light Cone swaps between three different effects at the start of battle and when Yukong takes her turn. The Light Cone either boosts ATK, Crit DMG, or Energy Regeneration for all allies. The variety of benefits from this Light Cone makes it a good choice for Yukong, especially in a more support-oriented build.

Best Relics & Planetary Ornaments For Yukong

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Players can mix and match Yukong’s Relics in Honkai: Star Rail to best suit their needs. Her Skill doesn’t directly scale off of Yukong’s stats, so players can instead strengthen her Imaginary attacks. One way to do this is to equip a 4-piece Wastelander of Banditry Desert Relic set. This is the go-to Relic for Imaginary characters, as it bestows a 10% Imaginary DMG bonus at two pieces. At four pieces, Yukong gets a Crit Rate bonus against debuffed enemies and a Crit DMG bonus against Imprisoned enemies.

Players can also go for a 4-piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat set, one of the most common Relics in Honkai: Star Rail. With the full set, Yukong gets a 12% ATK bonus, a 6% SPD bonus, and a 10% Basic ATK DMG bonus. This set works well for a sub-DPS build, adding onto the bonus from her Talent and increasing the DMG capacity of her Basic ATK. It also improves her Ultimate, which is a powerful strike on a target enemy.

While both of these sets are good on their own, Honkai: Star Rail players could combine them for a more focused sub-DPS build. The 12% ATK bonus from Musketeer combined with the 10% Imaginary DMG bonus from Wastelander can further support Yukong’s DPS capabilities. This build is a good choice for players who can’t get the right stats for every Relic of a certain set.

The only Planetary Ornament set in Honkai: Star Rail that could really work for Yukong is Space Sealing Station. This Planetary Ornament set provides a 12% ATK boost, doubling it when the wearer reaches 120 SPD or higher. Yukong begins with a SPD of 107, making it easy for her to get to 120 SPD with the right Relic stats.

Speaking of Relic stats in Honkai: Star Rail, Yukong can make do with a variety of main stats. If players don’t have any Musketeer Relics equipped, they should make sure their Feet Relic has a SPD main stat to get Space Sealing Station’s second bonus. Yukong’s Link Rope should have ATK% as a general rule. Her Body and Sphere can both be ATK% as well. Otherwise, players can hunt down a Crit-based Body Relic or an Imaginary DMG Sphere.

Best Traces For Yukong

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Yukong is the sort of character in Honkai: Star Rail that would benefit from all of her Traces being advanced, although her secondary Traces leave something to be desired. If players want Yukong to fill a stronger sub-DPS role, they may wish to focus on her Basic ATK and her Talent. With her Talent’s Toughness-Reducing DMG, Yukong can cover a lot of ground without spending Energy or Skill Points.

Most Yukong builds in Honkai: Star Rail will focus on Yukong’s damage-boosting abilities. These builds will want to level up Yukong’s Skill and Ultimate. Her Skill can boost ATK by 100% at Level 15, making it a powerful tool. Meanwhile, the Crit bonuses given by the Ultimate (when Roaring Bowstrings are on the field) are incredible, even at Level 1. The DMG dealt by the Ultimate is also nothing to scoff at.

Out of all of Yukong’s secondary Traces, the smaller bonuses are more useful than any of her bigger Traces. There are so few Imaginary characters as of Version 1.1 that purchasing her Bowmaster Trace would be a waste of credits, and her Archerion Trace isn’t impressive. Players would be better off getting the Imaginary DMG and ATK bonuses not connected to the three big Traces. With these bonuses, Yukong can be a great addition to the team in Honkai: Star Rail.

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