How long is Immortals of Aveum?


How long is Immortals of Aveum? The spell-slinging magic FPS isn’t particularly long, likely taking you less than 20 hours to complete. Over the game’s 18 chapters, you’ll fill the boots of Jak, an urchin-turned-elite-mage who fights on the frontlines of the Everwar that consumes Aveum. However, there are all sorts of twists and turns to uncover in the fight against Sandrakk, as well as loot to hunt and areas to explore that might pad things out. All the details you need on how long it takes to beat Immortals of Aveum can be found below.


Immortals of Aveum length

The time it takes to complete Immortals of Aveum depends on your own playstyle and the difficulty you’ve chosen, but it’ll likely take you around 14-20 hours to beat. I completed the game on Magnus, which is the normal Immortals of Aveum difficulty in about 15 hours. This included a bit of puzzle-solving and delving into some of the Shroudfane challenges, but you could easily spend much more time playing. Here are some rough estimates for the time it’ll take you to beat Immortals of Aveum based on how you play:

  • Story-focused/low difficulty: 12-16 hours
  • Story and some side activities/high difficulty: 16-20 hours
  • 100% completionist: 25+ hours

With an extreme focus on ripping through the story missions, and playing on the lowest difficulty, it’s feasible that you could roll the credits in about 12 hours. However, spending some time exploring and looking for Shroudfanes and Gold Chests to get the best gear should bring your total playtime up towards the 20-hour mark. Any completionists will be pleased to know that, once you finish the story, you can continue exploring to mop up anything you missed.

Immortals of Aveum Chapters

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The Immortals of Aveum story takes place over 18 chapters featuring lots of different regions of Aveum:

  1. Streetwise
  2. The Magnus
  3. Yltheum
  4. Road to the Palathon
  5. The Immortals
  6. The Hand of Sandrakk
  7. Nocea
  8. Exile
  9. The Magic Eaters
  10. Caldera
  11. The Binding Mark
  12. Colossal
  13. Collateral
  14. Ruin
  15. Occupation
  16. Glaivegate
  17. The Shrouded Realm
  18. Mala-Dar

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