How To Find (& Beat) Wildguard Relik In Fortnite


Wildguard Relik is a new NPC boss players can track down and battle in Fortnite Chapter Four Season Three. Armed with special cloaking technology, dangerous items, and one of the deadliest assault rifles in the game, Wildguard Relik will make short work of any players he catches unprepared. To defeat him, players will need to match his formidable arsenal with their own special gear, tactics, and strategy.

To find Relik, players need to head to Rumble Ruins, one of the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 4. As a significant Point of Interest in the new Wilds biome, Rumble Ruins is a popular landing spot with many hazards. Players will likely have to scramble for good weapons and dispatch any nearby human opponents before challenging the boss.

How To Battle And Defeat Fortnite’s Wildguard Relik Boss

fortnite player preparing to fight wildguard relik boss in rumble ruinsjpg

Players should eliminate any nearby players before challenging Wildguard Relik. Gunfire and explosions will surely attract unwanted attention from enemy players, who may decide to intervene to try and take the boss’ weapons and gear for themselves. Luckily, unlike Fortnite’s other NPC boss Highcard, Wildguard Relik doesn’t have a backup from AI-controlled minions, so players can take him on as soon as they’ve cleared out their opponents.

However, he still has tricks that can quickly turn a pitched firefight in his favor. Relik will attack players from range using his Mythic MK-Alpha Assault Rifle, toss Wildwasp Jars that release swarms of stinging insects and use his Cloaking Gloves to turn invisible and teleport around the area. On top of that, he has sturdy shields and health, allowing him to tank and absorb considerable amounts of damage.

fortnite player shooting wildguard relik boss with pistol in rumble ruinsjpg

Engaging him with medium and long-range weapons greatly reduces the damage he can do with the assault rifle, which is far less accurate over long distances. Wildwasp Jars can deal a surprising amount of damage, but the swarms are easily avoided. Players need to watch out for his cloaking and teleporting abilities, which allow him to dodge out of danger and quickly get within close range where his rifle does the most damage.

fortnite player preparing to shoot teleporting wildguard relik boss with shotgun in rumble ruinsjpg

To counter Wildguard Relik’s cloak and teleporting ability, players must follow the trail he leaves behind. He never teleports too far away, and his outline is still visible even when cloaked, allowing players to spot his shape and see right through his cloak. From there, it’s a relatively simple matter of chipping away at his shields and health until he’s defeated.


What To Loot From Fortnite’s Wildguard Relik Boss

fortnite player looting relik s mk alpha assault rifle from wildguard relik bossjpg

Once defeated, Wildguard Relik will drop the Mythic quality Relik’s MK-Alpha Assault Rifle and Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets, as well as some extra loot. The assault rifle is precise and deadly, allowing players to easily shred shields and health for easy mid-range eliminations.

fortnite player cloaking and turning invisible using wildguard relik s cloak gauntletsjpg

The Cloak Gauntlets allow players to turn invisible temporarily, although the effect disappears if they switch to a different weapon or item.

Taking down Wildguard Relik isn’t easy, but for players looking to dominate Fortnite’s new Wilds biome and beyond, the risk may just be worth the reward.

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