How to get Ford’s Scattergun in Remnant 2


The Remnant 2 Ford’s Scattergun shotgun is a great weapon and is key to unlocking the Archon Archetype, but there are two ways of getting it. The easiest way is to simply start a new character and pick the Explorer Archetype, as it’s one of this Archetype’s starting weapons. But if you’re building up your shopping list of items to unlock the Remnant 2 Archon Archetype, you need to get the Scattergun via a quest in Yaesha. It’s not difficult but does require you to make some specific choices, so I’ve laid out all the details to help you get Ford’s Scattergun in Remnant 2 below.

Remnant 2 Ford’s Scattergun location

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Getting Ford’s Scattergun requires you to first get the Seal of the Empress Ring by completing the relevant quest in Yaesha. When you first reach Yaesha, your starting location must be the Red Throne to get this quest – if it isn’t, you need to re-roll your campaign or roll a separate Adventure in Yaesha.

If you’re in the Red Throne, make sure you go through the main temple building and knock on the red doors to get an audience with the Empress and her speaker. To make this as easy as possible, choose the kinder dialogue options and agree to help the Empress by slaying the Corruptor boss – you essentially want to avoid a fight with the Empress’s guards at this point. Furthermore, make sure you speak to the Empress before you slay the boss not speaking to her beforehand will lock you out of getting the ring, even though you’ve technically helped her.

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After you’ve beaten the Corruptor, return to the Empress and continue to choose the kinder dialogue options – make sure you kneel before the Empress too – to get the Seal of the Empress Ring. Equip the ring, head back out the throne room, and go into the library on the right. Head up the library steps and the ring should cause the floor to open to reveal a basement that houses Ford’s Scattergun, allowing you to add it to your collection.

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