Lethal Company: How to Recharge Battery Items

  • Last Updated : Nov - 28 - 2023

Lethal Company is a roguelike survival game where players set out on an expedition in space. To survive on the abandoned moons, players need to carry plenty of useful items with them. However, these items only work as long as they have juice in them. Once they run out of battery, they’ll be of no use to the player. This could leave the player stranded alone in the dark with all kinds of dangerous monsters.

How to Check Battery Levels

lethal company best items to sell hair dryer

As they’re exploring the industrialized moons for scrap, players need to keep an eye on their equipment’s battery. All the following items in Lethal Company are battery-powered.

  • Flashlight
  • Pro-flashlight
  • Walkie-talkie
  • Laser Pointer
  • Hair Dryer

If players have the item equipped, they can check its battery level. It is displayed on a curved, yellow bar in the top-left corner, above the player’s stamina and health indicators. The more a player uses their gadgets, the more their battery levels are drained. Once the yellow bar is fully empty, the respective item will become unusable – until the player recharges it.

How to Recharge Battery Items

To recharge battery-powered items, players can follow the instructions below.

  • Go back to the main ship
  • Equip the item that needs to be recharged
  • Walk up to the wireless battery charger on the wall next to the terminal
  • Hold the battery-powered item close to the charger and press the “E” key on the keyboard.

It only takes a couple of seconds to fully recharge the item, which will be indicated by a full yellow bar. It is important that players recharge all items that are running low on battery so that they do not face any inconveniences during their raids.

Tips for Saving Battery

bees lethal company 3

Players need to conserve the battery of all their essential equipment, such as the flashlight and walkie-talkie, when they’re far away from their ship. To save their flashlight battery, players should quickly scan all dark hallways to ensure there are no hidden monsters lurking around. The pro-flashlight version is better for conserving energy, but it will also eventually run out of power.

Additionally, when walking in groups, all players should take turns using the flashlight. This distributes the power consumption and makes sure that there’s enough battery for everyone. As soon as they’re back on the ship to sell scrap, players should recharge their flashlight and walkie-talkie.

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