Starfield sleuth spends 200 hours piecing together the entire skill tree


One of the more dedicated Starfield fans has spent around 200 hours compiling the game’s skill systems based on footage and teasers.


You might think the Starfield subreddit post is the culmination of all 200 hours of research, but that’s merely the tip of the iceberg. There’s actually a 44-page Google document compiling all evidence of every Starfield skill, including breaking them down into categories like ‘Physical’ and ‘Social’ skills.

After almost 200 hours of research, here is the complete skill system used in Starfield (SPECULATION)
by u/asd8dhd in Starfield

The user has even broken every skill down into tiers. It turns out there’s four tiers to every skill, progressing from Novice to Advanced, Expert, and eventually Master at the end. You’ll need to have a grand total of 16 Skill Points in order to level up an ability all the way from Novice to Master.

There’s well over 100 images, all taken from pre-release footage like trailers and gameplay demos, to support the user’s findings. The user has somehow managed to piece together all skill trees including Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech categories, revealing there’s well over 60 individual skills in total to invest in.

We already know how huge Starfield’s going to be in the physical sense, thanks to Bethesda’s waxing lyrical about it over the past few months, but now we have an idea of just how many skills there’ll be on offer in the new game, each of which will help you tailor your character to fit your play style.

Starfield will finally launch later this year on September 6, exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X/S. Oh, and if you think this is impressive, you should meet the creator behind this Starfield ship “passion project” that was more than 4000 hours in the making.

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