Starfield sleuth spends 200 hours piecing together the entire skill tree

Starfield gun

One dedicated Starfield fan has invested approximately 200 hours into dissecting the game’s skill systems based on various footage and teasers.

While a Reddit post might seem like the culmination of this effort, it’s just the beginning. The fan has meticulously compiled their findings into a 44-page Google document, meticulously detailing every skill featured in Starfield. They’ve categorized these skills into groups like ‘Physical’ and ‘Social’ and even organized them into tiers, ranging from Novice to Master.

After almost 200 hours of research, here is the complete skill system used in Starfield (SPECULATION)
by u/asd8dhd in Starfield

To back up their discoveries, the fan has included over 100 images sourced from pre-release footage such as trailers and gameplay demos. Through their efforts, they’ve managed to unravel all the skill trees, covering categories like Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech, revealing a staggering total of over 60 individual skills to explore.

With this wealth of skills, players will have ample opportunities to customize their character to suit their preferred playstyle in the expansive world of Starfield.

Set to launch on September 6 exclusively for PC and Xbox Series X/S, Starfield promises to offer players an immersive experience with a vast array of skills to master. And if you find this dedication impressive, consider the creator behind a Starfield ship “passion project” that consumed over 4000 hours of work.

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