This magical management sim is like Hogwarts Legacy meets Two Point Hospital

Magical Room

This Hogwarts Legacy-style management simulation game, Spellcaster University, offers players the opportunity to construct their own magical school and oversee its operations. Unlike Hogwarts Legacy, where players assume the role of students, in Spellcaster University, they step into the shoes of the school’s director.

Similar to management sims like Two Point Hospital, players will have the freedom to customize their school, manage its finances, recruit teachers, and expand its facilities according to their preferences. For those inclined towards darker magic, there’s even the option to transform the school into a hub for black magic, hiring teachers skilled in necromancy and demonology.

Spellcaster University features an “original magic decks mechanism,” ensuring each playthrough is unique. Players can access different decks corresponding to the types of magic taught at the school. For example, the Nature Deck grants access to magical creatures, the Alchemy Deck enhances potion production, and the Shadow Deck offers a means to discipline unruly students.

While Spellcaster University initially released on Steam in 2021, it’s set to make its console debut in early 2024, including platforms such as PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Additionally, a physical edition and deluxe edition are in the works, with the latter limited to just 300 copies per platform, making it a sought-after item for fans.

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