After 3 delays, Dragon Age veteran’s Nightingale is finally set for Early Access in February 2024

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After a series of delays, Nightingale, the Victorian survival game with roots in Mass Effect and Dragon Age, is finally set for an Early Access release. Following three postponements, it seems like this time, the date might actually hold.

Unveiled during Gamescom Opening Night Live 2023, Nightingale is slated to debut on February 22, 2024, via Steam and the Epic Games Store, priced at $29.99 USD. Originally intended for a 2022 launch, the game faced delays first into early 2023, then into fall. Today’s announcement provides the first solid confirmation that the release won’t happen this year, but with a firm date now in place, confidence in meeting this window seems high.

Described as a “shared world survival crafting game,” Nightingale transports players to a fantastical Victorian era, where adventurers armed with gaslamps and rifles confront enigmatic fae creatures. Playable solo or cooperatively, the game offers familiar survival and crafting elements, alongside the ability to construct estates and employ NPCs for various tasks.

Nightingale marks the debut title from Inflexion Games, an independent studio established by BioWare alum Aaryn Flynn. With Flynn’s extensive experience as general manager at BioWare, overseeing the launch of iconic franchises like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, Nightingale’s setting appears to deviate from the traditional fantasy and sci-fi themes of its predecessors, drawing inspiration from Flynn’s desire for something fresh and innovative.

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